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Who were they?


Richard Nixon told the turks to stop growing poppies and turning it into
heroin for export to the USA… or else. They did stop. He was removed from power.
Mullah Omar told the poppy farmers to stop growing the crop. They did. He was removed from power.Both Nixon and Mullah had their political bases in 33rd parallel nations. Further California and the pashtun region of Afghanistan to be more specific
Are bisected by the 33rd parallel. Once the decision to end the trade was
made, The fall came very quickly. In the case of Nixon, General Al Haig “I’m in
charge here” went on to become an Honorary spokesman for Chinese company COSCO,

That was accused of trying to sell weapons to LA street gangs like the crips
and bloods during the height of the CIA sponsored crack epidemic. ...more

Al Haig - Cosco“ Kissinger and Haig are the two most conspicuous practitioners of the
corrupt trade and also the most slavishly devoted to the Beijing Party line…” ...more
 Kissinger is also noted as being a critical player in Nixon’s downfall and his advice to have Nixon meet with mass-murder of the 33rd Parallel Supreme Mao, made all of these events possible.

What Happened To Turkey? Turkey has been secretly allowed to get back into the heroin trade. Most of the heroin comes from the blooming poppy fields of 33rd Parallel Afghanistan, now free of Omar’s bad-for-business anti-drug directives. This ties in directly with the KLA heroin warriors of Kosovo. $400 Billion dollar industry. Turkey is the springboard. ...more

“KLA linked to enormous Heroin Trade”.Powerful Turkish lobby in USA - “Haig didn’t get to become a millionaire on his military record or his brains”…more

The largest consumers of heroin have traditionally been on the 33rd
parallel. China, USA & Iran. Great Britain colonized India to make it the poppy farm for the trade to China. India is also bisected by the 33rd parallel. The Governor General of Bengal was given a monopoly on the trade before the start of the US Revolutionary War. India also has a or had a Death Cult. The Thugs or Thuggee. That performed
ritual murder by strangulation as an offering to Kali, the Hindu goddess of death.
The cult was Ancient and is estimated to have killed on a one by one basis over 2 million Indians. Thus the most prolific serial killers and the most prolific political killer
Mao are on the 33rd parallel. India-Opium-China-www.en/ .Kali - Thugs ...more
California’s noted movie industry has an even bigger parallel in the
‘Bollywood’ of India located in Bombay, now known as Mumbai, India. The same focus on violence, sex , drugs and so forth exists in both 33rd parallel nation/State located
industries. The Indian version is moving steadily towards occult related themes as is widely knownin regarding the California version. ...more

In researching this theme, the writer came across similarities between the
horoscopes of Miss India, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler in that all three had a
Aries/Taurus so-called Cusp. This correlates to the Bull Worship associated with Persian ruled Babylon and Heraklion and Crete. ...more
 . This correlates to the much beloved “Bull Market” on Wall Street - worshipped by investors. The term Bull Market comes from the “sport” of bull baiting which was particularly savage and was outlawed in England in 1835. ...more & more

This gruesome sport was based on the 33rd parallel religion of the cult of
Mithras in which the drinking of the bulls blood and the eating of his flesh granted
eternal life....more. This was likely the religion of Paul before
he became converted to Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. Paul was executed like his savior due to his conversion on the road to Damascus…a 33rd parallel city.

See also: ...more & more.
Thus it could be said or suggested that the death penalty and the tortures
of Abu Ghraib and elsewhere along the parallel are a perverted inversion, like the upside down cross of the black mass or the inverse swastika of the nazis as form of seeking power and not salvation but damnation. Not eternal life but eternal death. The goal of skull and bones, the SS, the pirates, the thugees whose goddess is shown garlaned in human skulls, the Hell’s angels and so forth. The seeking of power in exchange for an existence that is Soulless like that of a vampire, the undead. Think of this next time you hear the term “bull market”.

The Music Industry and 33rd Parallel Influences from India in California:
Everyone has seen video or even cartoons of the hindu fakir lulling a deadly
cobra into docility through music and movement. The concept behind modern rock music with heavy emphasis on rhythmic movement or pounding and string instruments such as the guitar, in India sitar, is very well known. The goal is to create a
mind-altering experience, particularly when combined with certain drugs. Remember sex, drugs rock and roll? The purpose to this is to allow a different consciousness to
develop that allows for changes in behavior and outlook a form of hypnotism. Rare is
the famous modern rock/pop etc…musician that has not had contact with a guru or other cult like

Group or figure. This did not come from nowhere and although magical in
nature did not appear by magic but by design. What many see as an EVIL DESIGN.
...more. All major Rock groups seemed to feature 4

Band members and all of these bands had one of the members die tragically.
The Who, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin etc…Jimmy Page of Led
Zeppelin is well known for his interest in the occult. He is associated with
the Astrum Argentum (latin for Silver Star) an Order founded by Aleister
Crowley. He even has a following that has nearly deified him and his interest in the
occult....more & more“Fallen Angel the untold story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin.”

Crowley based the Silver Star in 33rd parallel California. ...more. The Queen of England recently knighted Jimmy Page.John Lennon lived and was killed in front of the Dakota Building. This was the same building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed. The Director of the film Roman

Polanski had his wife Sharon Tate murdered by the Manson family who claimed
to be getting orders to commit the savage crime from the Beatles “White Album”.
This is but one of tons of coincidences involving negative/occult oddities
and Rock. The heartland of Rock became and remains 33rd parallel California.

Again, in India, the Vedas or legends speak of the Hindu god Shiva eating
marijuana Plants. He is known as the Lord of Bhang (a name for Marijuana.) The
glamorization of the use of marijuana through British based rock bands is well known. The British had the Lord of the Bhang’s country India as a colony. The purpose of the colony was to sell another drug, opium to China. Two drugs being produced in a 33rd parallel country run

By the British Royalty being sold to two countries on the 33rd parallel for
huge profit and to both those countries huge detriment. ...more

The Queen’s Bank known as Coutts Bank and now Coutts Bank Von Ernst (after
2003 purchase of Von Ernst bank of Switzerland) all but admits its role in
funding its unnamed “clients” in opening India and the Far East, The American Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. The founding fathers and Napoleon and his brothers were Freemasons. The Bank is associated openly with the freemasonic Order of the Thistle. ...more

California is the heartland also of the favorite food of Lord Shiva -
Sinsemilla marijuana cultivation in among other places the aptly named Trinity County.

This is now a multibillion dollar industry largely now under the control of
gangs. “Mom and Pop growers out the door a long time ago….blamed on Mexican
 Cartels” Production Soaring - article dated OCT. 2005 ...more

The CIA and the Cartels - “…in my 30 years…major targets…invariably working
for the CIA…” ...more. Since 1981 the CIA has not had to Inform the Department of Justice of information regarding drugs…the Advent of the 33rd parallel administration of Reagan (California) and Bush 41 (Texas). The Mexican Drug Cartels are increasingly involved in Satanism regarding the Cult of La Santa Muerte or Saint Death- This entity is frequently called upon to assist in the safe passage of the drugs or illegal aliens into the United States or better said to the 33rd parallel states of New Mexico, Arizona, California & Texas. Hundreds of illegal border crossers die in the desert each summer trying to get into the four states forming the parallel of death that adjoin Mexico. Mexico is where the Aztecs performed their rites to feed the insatiable hunger for blood of
their gods. Not too far to the south of that region is where the Mayans did the same.
The Incas In South America did the same. In fact, none of the advanced western
hemisphere nations failed to have or perform human sacrifice death rituals. It was the
less sophisticated tribes that did not perform these acts. By performing the
rites, the3 named groups received the same thing the death row / Abu Ghraib cabal has and seeks more of - POWER.

The Saint Death phenomenon is growing by leaps and bounds and seems to
attract the members of the underworld in large numbers. This is a direct correlation
between Drugs - Evil - Death. ...more

Saint Death is becoming a major belief system among the top drug traffickers
in Mexico and the cult is attracting even US military scrutiny. ...more

Nuevo Laredo is the focal point of the contraband coming into Texas and is a
major center of La Santa Muerte. ...more

The so-called Gulf Cartel is permeated with this cult. This is the organization closest to George W. Bush’s Texas.“ Two of Bush’s top Mexican-American backers linked to Mexico’s feared GulfNarco cartel:...more Thus, Skull and Bones America connects to Lady Skull and Bones Mexico.


John Walker Lindh (JWL) earned a place in infamy as the American Taliban
captured in Afghanistan by US forces. Some oddities surfaced that were discussed in an article posted on ...more

To reiterate; JWL arrived in 33rd parallel California and converted from his
childhood Catholicism to Zen Buddhism prior to embarking on his journey into “radical

1. He attended the Green Dragon Temple. 2. A Green Dragon black magic
society was very widespread in wartime Japan’s military that practiced zen. 3. There
were links to the UN’s Maurice Strong now implicated in the Oil For Food scandal. 4.
His stepfather had been a prosecutor in the DOJ and now worked as an attorney
for PG&E which profited handsomely from the Enron induced crisis in California energy
markets. Needless to say, all does not appear normal with the situation…further
inquiry found the following:

1. JWL came to California from Silver Spring, Maryland. Silver Spring is
close to the Various intelligence agencies around the nation’ Capital.

2. There is only one Zen Buddhist Temple in Silver Spring. The Shambala Meditation Center, associated with Tibetan Buddhism.

3. Shambala is the mythical city that the Nazis sought to
find to make contact with the “supermen” that supposedly lived there. The previous link
notes a Karl Haushoffer belonging to the Japanese Green Dragon Society. He was the link that forged the alliance between Hitler and the Japanese militarists and a top tier
black arts adept. The 33rd parallel runs through Tibet.

4. The Tibetan center is affiliated with “Shambala International” in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. ...more. The Washington Shambala Center. The name is interesting since it links Shambala and the Freemason President even though it is not in Washington D.C. per se. Also, the name Green Dragon or any type of name. Of that nature is very common in a martial arts setting but very rare in a meditation related facility. A mere scroll through of any Buddhist site will confirm this. The Shambala Institute in Halifax mentions Maurice Strong in the “other news” section and seems to be associated with New Age more than just Buddhist meditation. ...more
/ His fellow muslim captives said he had no interest other than memorizing all 6,666 Sentences of the Koran.

5. There is a Green Dragon retreat center associated with Atlanta’s Shambala Center. The founder of the center wrote the book: Shambala Sacred Path of The Warrior. ...more. It should be noted that Atlanta is on the 33rd Parallel as well as Tibet and that being “a warrior” is what JWL set out to become. Thus, there appears to be a Buddhist Connection to the martial aspects of his behavior.

6. FDR, Hitler and Stalin sent expeditions in search of Shambala prior to
WWII. ...more. The CIA was involved in mind control
experiments. The CIA had extensive contacts in Tibet and had the Dalai Lama
provided with funds in the past.

There appears to be more than meets the eye on this matter but the
information is not sufficient to state with clarity.

The Death Penalty Human Sacrifice of Stanley Tookie Williams

1. The execution will take place at one minute after midnight on the “13”th
of December.

2. There is a Full Moon.

3. California or Kali-Fornia is as noted on the 33rd Parallel N latitude.

4. Tookie Williams is a Capricorn. ...more
5. Capricorn is represented by a goat and Tookie is black; I.E.; “a black goat”.

6. Google - Black Goat Sacrifice - A ton of black magic sites will appear
discussing all aspects of the sacrifice of black goats - in Santeria, Satanism and
anything of an evil nature. Again, can this be coincidence?


As noted in Tookie Williams execution, certain symbols and events make
Saddam A “great” choice for Freemasonic human sacrifice - masquerading as
“Justice” - note The argument is not should Saddam be put to death for his vast panoply of crimes, the Argument AGAINST his execution is WHY it is being planned by the
Iluminati-masons-New World Order followers - the evidence is as follows:

1. Saddam is a Taurus. The Bull. Like Tookie was the Satanist sacrificial
black goat, Saddam is the Mithraic sacrifice of the Bull. ...more. The slaying of the
bull by Mithras is called a Tauroctony. ...more

2. Saddam believed himself to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar the
conqueror of the State of Israel....more

3. The Freemasons believe in ritual killing of “The King’ as a means to
attain great Psychic/spiritual power. “Was Kennedy’s Murder Actually A Ritual Blood
Sacrifice?” ...more  The ritual in fact and obviously is called the Killing of the King - The President symbolically being the King. Saddam in fact WAS the King. He was an absolute ruler in every sense of the word.

4. The Killing can take place in Baghdad or EVEN…Abu Ghraib. Resonant
energies of evil combined with the 33rd parallel.

5. The killing can be public and even televised making it the most watched
(energy focused) event likely in human history. The focus of mental energy during
the 9/11 attacks was shown to be able to alter a random number generating computer.
“A small box with inexplicable powers” ...more
Can This_Black_Box_See_Into_The_Future .


Many observers have wondered why the two sons of Saddam Hussein and his
grandson Mustapha (14 years of age) were not taken alive when surrounded in a home in Mosul. There was no route of escape. They could have been starved out. Tear gas
could have been used. An offer to allow the minor to leave prior to a fight to the
death could have been made. Clearly, Uday and Qusay would be privy to numerous secrets, bank accounts intelligence information and leads that COULD have and many believe SHOULD have been made a priority to retrieve.

It almost seemed as if the US Government wanted them dead for some reason
that has never been adequately explained until now.

1. Uday Hussein like his father was a TAURUS. He was the heir apparent to
the throne....more. The same scenario listed previously as to the human sacrifice / Tauroctony applies as to Saddam. Mustapha Hussein Saddam‘s 14 year old either died fighting or had a gun put in his mouth and was killed after capture depending on what story one believes - IT IS UNKNOWN WHAT HIS ASTRO SIGN WAS-- OBVIOUSLY THERE IS A ONE IN 12 CHANCE HE WAS A TAURUS.Uday was not a Taurus. He was not favored to replace Saddam because of reasons well known to the reader..

2. The three were killed by “the screaming eagles”. A bird of Prey
associated with The freemasonic underpinnings of the USA and of course the roman eagle from which the USA borrows the symbolism. Again, many of the legionnaires were Adherents of the cult of mithras.

3. The screaming eagles are the 101st Airborne Division. The number 11.

4. The entire line of descent for Saddam was exterminated. No chance & no hope of a dynasty or a comeback to the throne.

5. Three died the day of the battle in Mosul. Three died the day Jesus was crucified - he and the two thieves.

6. The Jesus story had a paid traitor, Judas Iscariot, the Saddam sons saga
had an unknown informant collect $30 million US dollars. Judas only received
32 pieces of silver - the discrepancy may be accounted for by 2000 years of


1. Death Row, Atmore, Alabama N . Latitude 31.023 * The previous prison
complex burned down years ago but appears to have been situated not too distantly
from the present complex , but this writer cannot determine this with exactitude at
present. It is possible that the coordinates are exact with Dimona now or in the past

2. Dimona (Demon-a ?) Nuclear Reactor - #1 Israeli nuclear weapons
production facility. N. Latitude 31....




33rd degree - Freemasonry
33rd degree - death rows
birthplace of Clinton
33rd degree - Vatican
link between “Saddam Tower” in Baghdad
pyramids -Vegas & Tennessee
Martin Luther King

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human sacrifice allegations
Every state through which the 33rd parallel passes allows for the death penalty
Every country through which the 33rd parallel passes allows the death penalty and the top governmental executioners, China, Iran, United States
Governors of all 33rd parallel states agree the death penalty is appropriate and legal
Since President Eisenhower warned of the rise of a military-industrial complex, American has been ruled by 33rd parallel presidents
Since 1944 all Presidents die on the 33rd parallel bisected states
Since 1944, all successful assassination attempts of Presidents succeed on 33rd parallel touched states

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Connection - Presidential assassination attempts that failed
Death goes Global
Rothschild '666' linked pyramid in Jerusalem
George W. Bush - top executioner in US History
FDR death spot (like Bhutto) in identical alignment to locality where first atomic bomb exploted  in New Mexico again the 33rd parallel--again a human sacrifice

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The Iranian nuclear complex at Natanz is located at 33.31 N latitude
The largest nuclear reactor in the USA, the Palo Verde is located near Phoenix, Arizona latitude N 33.2320
Baalbek, Lebanon largest stone block in the world and primary location of human sacrifice on the planet
Jesus was sacrificed on a 'T' symbol

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Death rows - Texas and Florida
Human Sacrifices
Freemason Napoleon Bonaparte & Hitler
Looting of Iraq under the Skull & Bones adminstration

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Two leaders on the 33rd parallel alone have stopped the opium trade - They met the same fate
John Walker - 33rd Parallel
The CIA and the Cartels
The Death Penalty Human Sacrifice of Stanley Tookie Williams
The Israeli nuclear weapons facility at Dimona is aligned nearly exactly with the death row in Atmore Alabama

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