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Illuminati Networks Exposed

555 Numerology based on Ideology of Illuminati linked British Israelism cult
(Scoreboard contributor, Dec.26th, 2006)

A number of articles have noted that the numbers 555 and 333 appear connected to very many New World Order and Illuminati individuals, firms , entities and corporations throughout the globe. This article focuses specifically on the 555 aspect of this occult phenomenon. The following aspects of this matter are by now fairly well known and can be verified through the use of google , dogpile or other internet search engines. Additional background will have links provided.

Background into 555:

   1. 555 is the number of feet of the Masonic obelisk called the Washington Monument. This is 6,660 inches. Zero has no value in western numerology since Zero was a concept in mathematics invented by the Mayans. Allegedly, the base of the Washington Obelisk is 20% below ground which would make the total structure length 666 feet. This means 555 is a 'kinder gentler' way of meaning 666 - the biblical number of the beast.

   2. Adolf Hitler's party number was 555. Simply google etc... Adolf Hitler 555 if you do not believe this assertion.

   3. Nostradamus believed Adolf Hitler was an 'antichrist'.  more .

   4. The 555 number of Adolf Hitler forms a three-legged swastika known as a Triskelion. The symbol of the nazi movement became a swastika as is widely known worldwide. The 555 swastika even has a pyramid in the middle reminiscent of the tip of the Washington Obelisk that is 555 feet 6,660 above ground inches in length. more .

   5. The Triskelion is also the island symbol for the Isle of Man. A former ancient stronghold of the vikings and other norsemen. The island even hosts its own Viking Festival every year. The following link also shows the three-legged swastika symbol of the isle. more.

   6. The swastika symbolized Nazis glorified, and their modern day followers continue to honor, the Vikings despite the evil legacy of pillage, rape , looting and centuries long slaughter inflicted on the people of Europe by these historic marauders. "During the 1930s the Nazi Party began using the Viking warrior images on recruitment posters." more  and more/  also a new aryan/viking 'religion' is forming known as Asatru. more .

   Pre-Conclusion: Nostradamus predicted a Hitler antichrist centuries before Adolf was born. AH gets 555 as a Party number which happens to coincide with the 555 Washington Monument which was made decades before he was born. This number happens to be capable of being formed as a Swastika with a Washington obelisk-like pyramid in center and this swastika symbol is used as a flag in an island stronghold of the Vikings - a group glorified by Hitler's Nazis. The 555 number is a coded way of saying 666 - the number of the beast. A spiritual  'beast' predicted by Nostradamus.

   Can All Of This Be A Coincidence?

Further, the 555 numerology is EVERYWHERE that one finds elements of what President Eisenhower warned was a Military-Industrial Complex that could and would and has destroyed American Democracy. Furthermore, it is also well known that possibly tens of thousands of Nazis were brought to the United States after WWII and formed the evil backbone of this very Complex. SEE: more or google- Nazi Operation

Paper Clip- for Nazi immigration to the USA.

What we are dealing with therefore is a 'Master Race' Ideology or phenomenon at its roots - no pun intended.

   7. Where did this Master Race originate from? Answer: The star Aldebaran also known as the Eye of the Bull or the Bulls Eye. This is the eye on top of the pyramid which you can see if you have a USA one dollar bill in your possession.


A. The ancient Hebrews called Aldebaran "God's Eye". It was known as the Eye of Revelation. It is in the constellation Taurus and Hitler was born in the astrological sign of Taurus. The NASA agency sent Voyager to Aldebaran. It will arrive in 2 Million Years. The NASA agency was formed by Nazi scientists who honed their skills at the Dora Slave labor camp. See: more and  more  and the Nazi hierarchy was allegedly receiving information on High Tech devices through channeling or telepathy from aliens in Aldebaran. more . NASA Dora and USA space program. NASA/NAZI = more .

B. The hebrew / judaic tribe of Joseph is associated with the star Aldebaran and the constellation Taurus. more .

Enter the Cult of British Israelism:

   1. The following link explains the ideological basis for the belief that the British Monarchy are in fact descendants of the biblical tribe of Joseph... the tribe of Aldebaran... the Hitler/Nazi psychic channeling 'Home Star'. The link states that after the jewish kingdom of Israel was overrun by the Assyrians the population was sent into exile. This is the basis of the The Lost Ten Tribes. The 'British/Israel' myth  based on little more than wishful thinking or self-serving belief is the basis for the Nazi Dream. A master race destined to rule the earth. A tribe - as the mayan priest cutting out human hearts in the movie Apocalypto said - "closest to the gods" and therefore above the rest of humanity which it could treat as chattel and slaves. more .

   2. Various websites acknowledge the link of 555 days from the 9/11 attacks and the start of the Iraq War II. more . George W. Bush was accused of being in a "rush to war". Now you know why. A certain numerological timeline had to be adhered to. Further, since we are in essence speaking of a DNA bloodline, this helps to explain why ALL USA Presidents are relatives of the British Monarchy. This explains the 'need', almost as if by divine right , to rule over others and impose the Illuminati agenda on others. The right to kill. The right to bomb and to "nation build" and to extract and exploit resources and people in distant lands. The 'family' , as they see it, has the gods permission to do all of this. Sort of like the lunatic claiming that "the devil made me do it."

   3. British Israelism is closely linked to the Illuminati Organization. more .

   4. British Israelism magazine Destiny had an article written in the 1930s that stated that their golden age would begin on September 11, 2001... (scroll to bottom) more.


   The year the Assyrians supposedly destroyed  the Samaria based northern Jewish Kingdom named Israel was 555 B.C.   "in the year 555 B.C. the king of Assyria conquered the kingdom of Israel, and took most of the people into exile. We do not know where he sent them. Those are the lost ten tribes, and we will not see them again until the messiah comes." (scroll down one inch) more .

The Illuminati created an idea of where they went. This falsehood is the 'reason' to impose their rule over the earth. This appears to be the basis and the meaning of the widespread 555 numerology - which in fact is 666.

Eyes Wide Shut: Occult Symbolism (Article more)