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Illuminati Networks Exposed - New Babylon Rising

7-7-7 Numerology Enochian Magick points to British Monarch as Antichrist
(Scoreboard contributor, Dec.25th, 2006)

A major numerological congruence will occur next year on July 7 of 2007 or 7-7-07. The '0' has no numerological weight in western occultism since it was a mathematical concept invented by the Mayans. There are a number of strange events or matters linked to 777. One well known aspect of the phenomenon was the 7-7-2005 0r 2+5 =7 attacks in London. This article will attempt to provide information to the reader on other aspects of the phenomenon.

   One issue is the fact that this date appears to be 'ideal' for a major black magick working. This article will provide as much background as possible on what this could mean since it is SPECULATIVE at this early point.

The Evidence:

   1. A major system of black magick is the so-called Enochian Tablets based on what is alleged to be "the language of the angels". This system is comprised of Seven Tablets each with characters based on 7 horizontal and 7 vertical rows. Sorcerers "Dee and Kelly were presented with seven 7-by-7 tables. Each square of each table contained a letter and a number from 1 to 49." (or 7 x 7)  more .  7 tables of 7 x 7 clearly implies the triple number 777. The Enochian tablets were a dangerous and advanced magic system which Aleister Crowley discussed in among other books his Liber 777.

   2. Next year , an occult linked group plans on having 777 so-called Physical Masters do a circular magic working at the Pyramid of Giza. This event is to take place on 9-9-2007. This is the same as saying 9-9- 2+7 = 9 or 999. more .

   3. 999 is another way of saying '666'. Simply turn the numbers upside down.  more and more  or  "As any Occultist will tell you, Satanists hide the offensive '666' as a '999'." more.

   4. A major center to further the agenda of The One World Religion of the antichrist , as many believe is the United Nations. In fact, the United Nations Church Center is located at a 777 address in the UN Plaza in New York City.  more

   5. The previous link notes that the World Council of Churches is also housed at the 777 address. This particular association has been allegedly linked to the rise of the antichrist governmental and religious paradigm by certain Christian writers, philosophers and commentators. The World Council of Churches " has long been recognized as boutique of paganism in Christian garb." more . The World Council of Churches and religious 'Unity' more .

   6. The Anglican Church observer at the United Nations is based at the 777 UN Plaza address. more .

   7. The leader of the Anglican Church is the British Monarch. It currently happens to be the Queen of England.  more . This immediate link also notes that Queen Elizabeth I was one of the major forces in the Anglican Church in the mid 1500s . This is important since the Church only came into existence in 1534.

   8. ** This is the same Queen Elizabeth I that paid a salary to the previously noted Sorcerer John Dee that discovered or had revealed to him THE 777 based ENOCHIAN TABLETS... the language of the FALLEN ANGELS.

Please See the following: more and more / Enochian Tarot more and  more . more .

   9. The number 777 is associated HEAVILY with ritual magick tables and the summoning of entities including fallen angels. more.

   10. The Renaissance Society has published a 777 WORD article related to John Dee. more . John Dee's Natural Philosophy: Between Magic and Religion.

   11. The Freemasons are interested in Dee and believe - at least some of them do -.that he "resurrected the treaty with the sea gods" that sank the Spanish Armada in 1588. This would be a MAJOR USE of sorcery to achieve military and geopolitical ends that literally changed the course of history. more .

   12. The Russell B. Long Federal Courthouse in Baton Rouge , Lousiana is located at a 777 address. more . It was built in 1994 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton - a former De Molay or masonic youth group member.

   13. Admiral Richard Byrd, the great antarctic explorer established Masonic Lodge 777 in Antarctica. more . scroll down to "Adventurers"..    Admiral Byrd believed he had discovered Inner Earth or a land or world INSIDE the Earth. more also more . Why would he pick number 777 for his lodge?

   14. "The Enochian demons are used by the British illuminati to control the west"  more. Scroll down 80%.


   The British monarchy broke from the Catholic Church and established its own religious structure. Queen Elizabeth I used black magick or sorcery through her court demonologists to gain power, hold power and defeat the Spaniards and their 'unsinkable' navy setting the Course of Great Britain to "Rule the waves" in an empire in which the Sun central to masonry - never set. The 777 numbers point to a member of the British Royalty being the eventual leader of the intertwined Secular-Governmental/Religious dictatorship under the entity known as the antichrist. This is a theory at present: more . Britain rules the waves...indeed. And the Sun never sets on the Solar worshipping Empire that is home to Freemasonry - Coincidence or Conjuring of Demons?