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Viewpoint: Ron Hicks

The "Illuminati" is at best a concept of a group of people.  If you chase it, you will never find it.  You must put something more specific on the name to catch the people.  
There are two-sides to the Illuminati. I refer to them as.
(1)  Vatican, Rothchilds, Mason, Skull & Bones, CFR, Maurice Strong, Trilateral Commission, The One World Banker-Military-Industrial- Zionist-Kabel and Bilderbergs, 
(2) The Shanghi Cooperation Organization which is basically led by Russia, China, Iran and others.

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Freemason Pyramids Rising in Dubai Kuwait and Central Asia Exposed
(Scoreboard Canada contributor Dec 4th, 06)
The illuminati need to mark their territory with a grand symbolic gesture. Their background or lore establishes their beginning with the building of the Temple of Solomon. Therefore, a building is usually the 3-dimensional symbol of their suzerainity or control over a given State, Nation, City or region. The signs and symbols of this phenomenon are usually occult numerology in the address , phone number , suite number. More importantly is the building itself. It usually must be the tallest and have unusual geometry with a pyramid or pyramidial design. An example of this could be the Canary Wharf pyramid topped building in London , which is the tallest building in the UK topped with a pyramid or the obelisk in Washington, D.C. which by law must be the tallest structure in the Capital City of the USA.

   This design structure - a Very tall building and a pyramid on top - combines the Pyramid of ancient Egypt (as seen on the US One Dollar Bill with the Tower of Babylon of Nimrod. The cult of the death , pyramids being tombs, combined with the concept of man reaching for Heaven and becoming "like unto God". This is also symbolic of the underworld or the forces of Hell reaching for and trying to "take Heaven by Storm".

Latest Evidence and Developments on this Phenomenon:

1. Dubai:

   A new hotel that will be a huge Pyramid is being built in Dubai. It is set to open in 2007. It is owned by Raffles International. It will have a "spectacular"  botanical Sky garden dedicated to "The elements of Life" - the pagan and magick related Earth , Wind , Fire and Water.  (see photo) .

There is an expert Egyptologist being consulted for the project for the use of hieroglyphics which "will have authentic meaning". . Hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt , of course were used extensively in that culture's ritual magick. .Raffles International owns the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The company is based there. Sir Stamford Raffles, went from a trading clerk for the infamous British East India opium company to a peerage, was the founder of the colony and now nation of Singapore. .

   Sir Stamford Raffles was a Freemason: Sir Stamford Raffles Lodge #7444  and . (See various photos).

   "Singapore boasts an elite club so secretive most people don't know it exists"

The name of the secretive club is THE PYRAMID CLUB... The Lee family controls Singapore like a fascist dictatorship. Most citizens of Singapore allegedly " in fear of an Orwellian government that closely monitors every aspect of their lives." .

   The Lee last name can also be spelled Li in english. In fact both names really describe the same extended clan. The Li bloodline is illuminati. . Therefore: A masonic company is building a pyramid in dubai that has egyptian hierolgyphics with real meaning and a garden designed with the magician's four elements. This emanates from a masonic city-state whose ultra-elite belong to a Pyramid Club and are ruled by members of a suspected illuminist bloodline in a privacy-deprived Orwellian Society. The above - with the exception of the bloodline allegation - is mainstream media FACT.

2. Kuwait:

   A new pyramid is also rising of course, in Kuwait, another british created illuminati micro-state like Singapore and Dubai. The connection to the British and their suspected reptilian royal family is as always the common thread.  The pyramid in Kuwait belongs to the Bank of Kuwait. It also is scheduled to open in 2007. .

   HOK (London) won the contract to supervise the Bank construction and design. HOK has also been linked previously to Illuminati designs and structures , particularly Sports venues. .

   The new symbol of the Bank of Kuwait is the 8 pointed star of Ishtar. It was designed by a company named of course, PENTAGRAM. The actual company is named Pentagram Partners. It has offices in London, New York and San Fran Sicko. It has other clients as well...Lloyd's of London / Polaroid / Nissan and many others. .

   The Five "Pentagram Partners" of the firm "adopted the name despite unease with its association with witchcraft" and the lead partner Alan Fletcher who recently passed away attended the Yale school of Design for two years.

Yale as many now suspect is a huge coven that uses the outward trappings of being an 'elite' University as a smokescreen. Its association with Skull and Bones and other secret networks and their tombs needs no additional commentary in this article. .

   Please Refer to photo of 8 pointed star logo of Kuwait Commercial Bank: .

  The symbol appears to represent a palm leaf . It could also be an eight petaled rose. The Palm leaf in cemetery symbols means a "jew that studies the Torah but does not obey the commandments" and an eight petaled rose is a symbol of "Regeneration" . .

  The Phoenix is an Illuminati symbol of regeneration. What does it do? It rises...It ROSE again from the ashes like the fallen angel , lucifer. Again - this symbology is analytical only: but then one is dealing with the Illuminati, a group whose stock-in-trade is hidden cryptic symbology. .

3. Turkmenistan

   The President-for-life of Turkmenistan has essentially turned himself into a quasi-deity. He has rewritten the history books , named the months of the year after members of his family and now of course, is building a huge pyramid in his own honor and to his own glory. This is an exact parallel to Nimrod of the Babylonian tower , the egyptian pharoahs as deities and the 666 antichrist that wishes to become "like unto God".  See article on the new rising pyramid of evil in the steppes of central asia. more

  President Nyazov Turkmenbashi ( last name means father of the turkmen - by which all citizens are required to call him) has a Gold statue of himself which always faces the sun by rotating in synchronicity with it. The freemasons are solar worshippers and the arch , like the pyramid and the eye, is one of their symbols. See photo: .

We have therefore a megalomaniacal leader who worships the sun , has a golden statue of himself on an arch and is now building a huge pyramid for himself like the egyptian pharoahs. I.E.; What we therefore conclude is he is


  For those who still have doubts, the Government of Turkmenistan is one of the "worst persecutors of Christians in the world" - to include beatings and torture through electric shock. "He believes that religion is bad and must be controlled" .

4. Kazakhstan

   The president aka dictator of Kazakhstan has had a huge pyramid built in a new capital city named Astana. The pyramid was built by in-the-closet/cloak-of-darkness freemasonic architect Lord Foster.  There is no doubt that the new monolith has "Religious" importance and meaning. It is not a mere 'cute' new trendy design . This is stated by none other than Lord Foster himself:

                                        Foster described the 90,000 square meter site as a

                              "contemporary reconsideration of religious architecture"

It will be used for the triennial Congress of World and Contemporary Religions and the oculus of the building is taller than the Hagia Sophia mosque or St. Paul's Cathedral in London. . See Depiction and comparison to I.M. Pei Pyramid in the Louvre Museum in Paris made famous by the Da Vinci Code book and movie. .

  The Congress or World and Contemporary Religions appears to be linked to the push to create the One World Religion that will be headed by the antichrist . .

5. Additional Pyramidal Structures of Note Around The Globe:


The wealthiest man in Ireland , has been trying unsuccessfully for now to build a Pyramid in the Dublin docklands. scroll down two inches.Dermot Desmond is an irish billionaire that is the largest shareholder in Daon a biometric face recognition company that  includes former Department of Homeland Security Chief Tommy Ridge on its Board of Directors.  The pyamid Mr.Desmond wanted to build was to have been completed by the year 2000. It is still on the drawing board. He is a close friend and fellow golfer of Tiger Woods. In fact, Tiger was married in a Desmond owned hotel in the . Tom Ridge Daon Dermot Desmond = .

   Tom Ridge is also on the board of another mark of the beast spychip company . Savi Technology. .Savi Technology originally started as a company whose purpose was to track children... . Savi Technology , now owned by Lockheed Martin after a recent purchase was previously owned by InfoLink .

As the previous link noted Fenwick & West , the representative of Savi during the Lockheed Martin acquisition is a 555 firm. That being one of the numerous companies that have the 555 height in feet / 6,660 height in inches of the masonic Washington Monument / obelisk. more .

ODDLY ENOUGH....Lockheed Martin has MULTIPLE 555 addresses as well....... simply google Lockheed 555 or .

What is the symbol for Lockheed ? a Pentagram and . Temasek , based in Singapore, is a major shareholder in Savi's previous parent company InfoLink systems. . Temasek leaders are closely connected to the previously mentioned in this article PYRAMID CLUB in Singapore. See previous link on Dubai pyramid link with Singapore based Raffles International.  So we have Tom Ridge linked to

SINgapore and to a Mr. DEsMONd - how nice.

6. Panama

   Illuminist towers rising in the offshore banking center second only to Switzerland. . Soon to be the tallest buildings in Latin America filled with bizarre designs. and


  The world is being saddled with masonic towers that rise as symbols of the secretive brotherhood's conquest of a particular region or nation. When the entire planet is under the shadow of their towers... then their new age or New World Order will truly begin. Sadly, it will be too late to stop them then. What are you doing to stop them now???