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666 links Angels & Demons to Empire State Building
(Scoreboard Canada contributor: June 28th, 2009 )

A new numerological link has been discovered between the skyscraper known as the Empire State Building and the Tom Hanks starring movie named Angels & Demons. The number 666 and other numbers associated with evil in numerology appear to combine in the movie and the New York tower.

1. The number 503 is linked to the Illuminati in the movie Angels & Demons. more .

2. The Number 503 has a link with 303 minutes which adds up to the hour of 5:03 a.m. The 303rd Day of an Ordinary Year is October 30, also known as Devil's Night. more .

3. If you add 503 to 303 you get 806 which is a number associated with 666. more and more .

4. If you add together 806 and 666 , the sum is 1472. The Empire State Building is 1,472 feet tall to the tip of the Antenna. more and more also more .

5. more provides additional information on Illuminist activity in the Empire State

Building. See also "In Amerika, one of the 33 cent stamps had the Empire State Building on it" more .


From movies to architecture, the Illuminati brainwashing machine , like the evil it serves, never sleeps. Who can resist the relentless brainwashing? Who dares to?



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