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Viewpoint: Ron Hicks

The "Illuminati" is at best a concept of a group of people.  If you chase it, you will never find it.  You must put something more specific on the name to catch the people.  
There are two-sides to the Illuminati. I refer to them as.
(1)  Vatican, Rothchilds, Mason, Skull & Bones, CFR, Maurice Strong, Trilateral Commission, The One World Banker-Military-Industrial- Zionist-Kabel and Bilderbergs, 
(2) The Shanghi Cooperation Organization which is basically led by Russia, China, Iran and others.

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Ley Line links Devil's Tower-Denver Airport-Norad-Roswell
(Scoreboard Canada contributor: Sept. 1st, 2008 )

The present article provides the reader with evidence of the discovery of a major North 
South Ley Line, also called by the Chinese a Dragon Line. These are psychic/magnetic/ethereal locations or lines of power that traverse the Earth. They may be activated by the Earth's rotation on its axis while revolving around the Sun. The illuminati use them frequently in their works. Much of their numerology and architecture appears linked or based to this phenomena.


1. The so-called Devil's Tower in Wyoming, was featured in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as many can recall. It is an impressive landmark, eerie, mysterious. more . It is located at Longitude DMS 104.41 - more .

2. The illuminati-linked Denver International Airport: more also happens to be on... Longitude 104.40 - nearly exact for the Devil's Tower. more .

3. The NORAD Command Post for the USAF tracks UFOs . It is located in Cheyenne Mountain complex, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. scroll down to "Fastwalkers" more 
NORAD happens to be located on 104.8 Longitude: more . Nearby happens to be the bizarre formations known as The Garden of the gods at 104.5 longitude. more .

4. Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the infamous UFO crash site or theory is located at
Longitude 104.32. There is a theory that the number 104 connects Pi, the mystical irrational number with the number 33 sacred to freemasonry. If one multiplies Pi x 33 the result is 104.more .

What this appears to indicate then is that NORAD, Devil's Tower, Denver International Airport and Roswell appear to 1) be on a North South Ley Line and 2) The ley line is based on 104 which is the result of Pi x Masonic 33.

5. Further , the number 104 is 2x2x2x13. Another way is (2 cubed) x 13. The unlucky 13
critical to masonry , superstition and witchcraft , along with the 13 illuminati bloodlines. It just so happens that zip code 22213 happens to be for the Masonic City of Arlington, Virginia more .

Arlington and the Occult: Go to more and insert - Arlington Virginia Masonic - and see how many items appear. It also happens to be that The Pentagon is in Arlington. more .

Arlington was once part of the Masonic planned city of Washington, D.C. , the land was then returned to the State of Virginia. It previously formed the southwest piece of the D.C. Masonic square layout. more .

Nearby is Alexandria, Virginia also a part of D.C. wherein is contained the 333 foot tall George Washington Masonic Monument. It is named after the mystery school capital of Alexandria, Egypt. If one reverses 22213 , one gets 31222. The latitude of Alexandria , Egypt , mother of the Gnostic Mystery School is 31.22 N latitude: more

More Coincidence?

As to Alexandria , Virginia, Mars 1 landed at latitude 22.3 in Chryse Planitia. more .
The Zip codes for Alexandria all begin with 223. more .Washington, D.C. is known as The District of Cydonia - the design is linked to that Martian plain. more or
google words. more .


The theory, application and design of the USA is based on Freemasonry linked to a Martian Civilization, now imploded. The illuminati use their secret knowledge to conquer the world, while focusing our attention on "The Presidential Elections" and other rubbish. It is a joke.


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