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Scoreboard Canada contributor - Aug. 1, 07

Type O Negative Blood Hints at Prince Charles as Descendant of Reptilians

Persistent stories have emerged for years about the evil that lurks behind the smiling facade of the royal family of England and the United Kingdom . While the theories and evidence runs the gamut, one story that remains persistent is the rumor that Queen Elizabeth II is a shape shifting superhuman creature best known as a reptilian. Her son is Prince Charles as you know.

Parallel to this story is the belief in some quarters that Type O Negative blood is indicative of reptilian, annunaki or so-called ancient astronaut ancestry on the part of those that have this rare blood type. The Universal donor - the person having this blood can donate blood to all but only receive back Type O him or herself.

Also, there is the background of the term 'blue blood' denoting royal ancestry being linked to the reptilian / dragon / annunaki / ancient astronaut bloodline due to the bluish hue of this blood due to a high copper concentration causing this coloring phenomenon.

While all of the above topics have been previously expounded by other writers, the three in combination have never been placed together to form a pattern of proof...until now.

Background of Queen of England and other Royals as blood drinking reptilians:

1. Numerous stories appear with this theme from various quarters -
ALLEGED first hand accounts:
more .
Leaders of western countries are selected by BLOOD not election by the MASSES:
more .

Uniqueness of TYPE O NEGATIVE BLOOD due to presence of REPTILIAN DNA:

2. The Rh negative factor in blood is based allegedly on a "mutation of unknown origin" that began somewhere in Europe thousands of years ago and spread mainly to Spain, England and Ireland.
more .

3. Being Rh negative means that one does not share DNA background with the Rhesus monkey or Rh and thus one is lacking that DNA or better said testing for the Rh factor leads to Negative results in the given person being examined.

A mother with Rh negative blood type will fight her Rh positive fetus' as a disease with her
immune system if not treated with certain medications. An Rh positive mother will accept either type child in her womb.
more .

4. To put it bluntly - the lack of Rh in the DNA or blood means that one having this trait does
NOT SHARE DNA OR EVOLUTIONARY BACKGROUND WITH THE APES and therefore the commonly held theory of evolution is totally lacking in an explanation for this phenomenon.

The only explanation is a separate evolutionary ancestry not diluted by subhuman primates, the mutation theory is just that... a theory. No evidence for it is provided other than something was desperately needed to shore up the secular theoretical basis of existence and a critical underpinning of atheistic philosophy in particularly Marxism. See: Evolution cannot explain

Rh negative factor's existence: scroll down 60% - "Are you an Rh negative blood type?
If so, you could be a descendant of the ancient astronauts themselves!" more .
"all other earthly primates also have this Rh factor. Where did the Rh negatives come from" see previous link at 65%.

Further : Most abductees are Rh negative. People lacking Rh appear to have hyper vision and other senses, higher mental analytical abilities, higher sensitivity toe EM and ELF fields and other seemingly 'superior' traits in a manner of speaking than those with Rh positive factor.
more .

BLUE BLOODS term stemming from higher copper content of Reptilian blood:

5. High copper concentration in reptilian blood caused it to give a bluish hue upon oxidation.
more  Top leaders and Blue Blood: more Further info from David Icke: more . Copper is associated in magical ritual with the planet Venus: more Venus as the morning star is associated with Lucifer the fallen angel: more .


Queen Elizabeth II along with Al Capone and Ronald Reagan were Type O -
more . It is odd that the Queen's type is public knowledge but the Rh factor is not...IF the Rh factor could be discovered and found to be negative...that would go a long way to proving the reptilian nonhuman ancestry theory of the royals. Research into this topic is encouraged.

HOWEVER: That may not be necessary since it is public knowledge that her son -
scroll down previous link 25%.

The Holy Roman Empire Returns

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The European Union
with the reptilian controlled Jesuit's Antichrist as the ruler.

The Pope is the Antichrist  who will be controlled by a reptilian species that has been trapped on earth for thousands of years.  The reptilians have mastered the ability to enter into our wave of existence in God's universe.  

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This incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs.

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