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Not so long back, there used to be just seven nations in the world that did not have a Rothschild bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba and Libya.


Mitt Romney linked to El Salvador Death Squads and Cuba Terror Bomber

The USA 2008 Presidential Election season is now underway. Recent reports note that Mitt Romney, the Mormonformer Governor of Massachussetts and head of the Salt Lake City Olympics is running for the presidency and has raised over 6 million dollars in one fund raising meeting alone. more

If elected to the Presidency , America will go from having a Skull and Bones President to the leader which hails from the quasi-freemasonic Mormons whom among other things beleive that Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers and have allegedly baptizied posthumously Adolf Hitler into their faith. A spiritual version of Out-of-the-(hellish)-frying-pan into-the-fire... See: Adolf Hilter Bapitsm Mormon: more and more

The present article is to show that the rise of Mitt Romney and the initial source of his wealth is linked to the Poma Group in El Salvador. Grupo Poma was and has been linked to the salvadoran political party ARENA which was founded by Col. Roberto D'Abuison - a notorious death squad overlord with links to Zionist intelligence agencies. Further, there are ties to a Cuban terrorist suspect responsible for a bombing campaing on the island to damage the all important tourism industry.  This very readily discoverable information somehow does not ever make its way into the mainstream media and consciousness of the American Public even though Mitt is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. He will have his finger on the "football" that controls the USA nuclear arsenal that all US Presidents have always at close range. A man that believes Jesus and Lucifer are brothers , is a co-religionist of Adolf Hitler (who was funded by Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker - the grandfather and greatgrandfather respectively of George W. Bush) may have his hand at the trigger for Armaggedon without a word of these links being spoken...until now.

The Evidence:

   1. Mitt Romney became a multi-millionaire at Bain Capital , an investment firm. Allegedly, this firm has recently purchased Clear Channel Communications a major right wing media and radio network. more

   2. Bain capital was started with 'seed money' from Salvador Billionaire controlled Poma Group. more .

   3. The Poma Group and the brutal Salvadoran civil war of the 1970s and 1980s. * It should be noted that the money was provided to Bain - $37 Million - in 1984 at the height of the war when Reagan was President and the current occupant of the White House's father was Vice President.

a) Grupo Poma Economic article: more .

b) "The Salvadoran Oligarchy doesn't give a damn about the ecology of El Salvador. Senor Ricardo Poma has decimated finca El Espino , Costa del Balsamo , and now he wants to destroy the mangroves and its associated marine ecosystem , building malls the coast." Scroll down 50% more .

c) Poma Group link to "Land Deform" in El Salvador.   more  .

d) Poma Group and ARENA party: "The El Espino vote satisfied ARENA's debts to the influential Poma family."  more  - WHAT DEBTS ???

e) ARENA party and the Death Squads: Col. D'Abuison "charged with being responsible for coordinating nation's rightist death squads . Established ARENA party with assistance of U.S. 'new right' leaders.  more.

f)" People are not just killed by death squads  in El Salvador - they are decapitated and then their severed heads are placed on pikes and used to dot the landscape. Men are not just disemboweled by the Salvadoran Treasury Police; their severed genitalia  are stuffed into their mouths. Salvadoran women are not just raped by the National Guard;their wombs are cut from their bodies and used to cover their faces. It is not enough to kill children, they are dragged over barbed wire until the flesh falls from their bones while their parents are forced to watch. " more.

g) "They were indoctrinated with rituals adopted from the Nazi SS, including brutalization and rape, to prepare them for KILLINGS THAT OFTEN HAVE SEXUAL AND SATANIC OVERTONES. more scroll to bottom. This is fitting for Mitt Romney a member of a party mired in homosexual pedophile allegations and currently run by Skull and Bones satanic society member whose ancestors funded Hitler and the Nazi SS....    Don't you think?

h) Roberto D'Abuisson - Israel - The Government of Israel has named a major traffic circle after the Death Squad Godfather. more .

i) Mitt Romney and Israel: the infamous AIPAC Israeli American Neocon lobbyist outfit was involved in the sponsorship of a Mitt Visit to Israel. more .

j) Romney interfered in the conduct of foreign affairs by refusing to allow police assistance for security during a recent visit by former Iranian leader Khatami to Harvard in Massachusetts. more .The reason was the failure of Khatami to recognize Israel.

k) A head of Security for Poma Group was arrested in Cuba for a spate of bombings. These were linked allegedly to a cuban exile that admitted to sending the would be bombers on their mission: more

l) Mitt Romney became a political player by his sound management of the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. An olympics that should never have gone there but for corruption. more 

m) When the mormon church needed financing in the late 19th century they went to the Rothschild controlled bank Kuhn, Loeb Co. more  Scroll down 5%.


    If Elected, Mitt Romney will continue to repay the debt to the Rothschild Illuminati Bloodline owed by the Mormons in the same manner that the Death Squad ARENA party paid its "debts" to the Poma family that provided the seed money to Bain Capital that made Mitt a millionaire. The rest as they history.