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Viewpoint: Ron Hicks

The "Illuminati" is at best a concept of a group of people.  If you chase it, you will never find it.  You must put something more specific on the name to catch the people.  
There are two-sides to the Illuminati. I refer to them as.
(1)  Vatican, Rothchilds, Mason, Skull & Bones, CFR, Maurice Strong, Trilateral Commission, The One World Banker-Military-Industrial- Zionist-Kabel and Bilderbergs, 
(2) The Shanghi Cooperation Organization which is basically led by Russia, China, Iran and others.

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The Secret Abraham Channeling
 linked to 333 Freemasonry

(Scoreboard Canada contributor May 7th, 2007)
A new spiritualism related phenomenon has invaded the public consciousness. It is channeling, as  the use of a medium as a conduit for a disembodied entity is now called, and the biggest player in this drama is "Abraham". Abraham is allegedly a collective entity that provides advice and information on virtually every facet of life including the formation of the earth and the life details of Jesus Christ among others. Oprah Winfrey is a major proponent of the use of this so called "Secret" that leads to great success and wealth and every desire fulfilled in life.

This writer has determined through research into this matter that it is linked to Freemasonry at its roots and it is likely evil. The proverbial collective pack of wolves in sheep's clothing.

Factual  Basis for link between Freemasonry and  Abraham phenomenon:

1. Abraham collective soul channeling background information - The medium or channel is Esther Hicks. Her husband is Jerry Hicks. more .

More on Esther Hicks: more . She is married according to the previous link to Jerry Hicks who became interested in A. The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and B. The Book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts . Let us examine the background of both A. an B.

2. Think and Grow Rich and Napoleon Hill: Napoleon Hill was born into poverty and then delved into the occult and mental visualization where he came up with a methodology to well... think and grow rich. He was contacted by an entity from the astral plane representing a Council of Thirty Three which happens to be the number of Freemasonry. more and he used visualization techniques to bring into his room 9 men that he had previously only imagined seated around his council table. more .

   Therefore, Jerry Hicks became interested in a system that came lock stock and barrel from the occult. Napoleon Hill had patrons from THIS world as well. more  .  The three mentioned are: A. Andrew Carnegie B. W. Clement Stone and C. Robert L.Taylor  more. Andrew Carnegie was the ultra rich Robber Baron Capitalist. W. Clement Stone is still alive and over 100 years old. He led Combined Insurance Company which merged with another company and is now known as AON Corporation. Robert L. Livingston was a former Governor of Tennessee and creator of the Illuminati Tennessee Centennial Park. Napoleon Hill attended Jesuit run Georgetown University . Let us look at these links individually:

ANDREW CARNEGIE - A Freemason. The meetings of his lodge took place on one of the floors of Carnegie Hall in New York City: Scroll down to Carnegie Hall Opens Studio for Rehearsal and Recording - April 4, 1985 more & or google Andrew Carnegie Masonic and more

Carnegie was obsessed with becoming wealthy and destroyed countless human beings in the process. He then turned to "charity" with his evil bestowed and ill-gotten wealth. He was responsible for unleashing the Pinkertons on the union members in the massacre during the infamous Homestead Strike. more / more .

Previously the numbers 333 and 555 have turned up in numerous Illuminati entities and corporations. more .

Carnegie is linked to 555 - more and Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich is available as an e-book. It is 333 pages in length  more  or google Napoleon Hill e book 333 .

W. CLEMENT STONE: This gentleman lived to be over 100 years of age and died recently. He collaborated closely with Napoleon Hill for many years in writing what you may now note are occult based self-help books. He was the CEO of Combined Insurance Corporation. This company is now known as AON. An Insurance giant. W. Clement Stone was , of course, a 33rd degree Freemason. scroll down 50%   more .

Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone =   more  and AON link to Mr. Stone at the next link which also mentions that he gave millions to Richard M. Nixon and thus indirectly led to the Election Finance Reform movement. more  AON is a 333 linked company: more / more .

On the Board of AON, sits of all people, General Richard Meyers USAF (ret.), the former head of Air Defenses on 9/11 and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  more . Also on the Board of Aon is Mr. Jan Kalff a former chairman of the Dutch bank ABN AMRO as noted on the link. ABN AMRO owns La Salle National Bank based in Chicagoland. The late Sherman Skolnick suspected these entities of being linked to the illuminati see: more .  ABN AMRO is also involved in a partnership with the Rothschild Empire. more .

AON employs a lot of former security and military intel types in its Corporate Intelligence Unit : It prepares a global terror risk map and has prepared such maps regarding purely politcal risks for years. Scroll 45% more . Napoleon Hill Foundation is located at a 2300 address. more . The number 23 is linked to the illuminati: more .

ROBERT L.TAYLOR, former Governor of Tennessee:

Robert L. Taylor was instrumental in the rise of Napoleon Hill from abject poverty. scroll down 10% more. Former Governor Taylor also was responsible for the building of the 1897 Nashville Centennial Park for the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition and World's Fair. more . The Nashville park has an exact replica of the Greek Parthenon and is filled with occult laden essence it is an Illuminati playground. The mall is in fact a "blueprint for a Manna Machine" as in the manna  that fell from heaven to feed the jewish tribes in the desert in the book of Exodus. more  and scroll down 90% more which notes the connection to former US President and 32nd Degree Freemason, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR had Napoleon Hill as an advisor during his time as President. FDR as Freemason = scroll down 15% more and FDR received arguably the most famous Presidential statement ever "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" from Napoleon Hill. more .

ODDLY ENOUGH... it appears that FDR had an interest in searching for the real Meru Pillar or Manna Machine in Mongolia and in fact had an expedition sent there to do so. It is inconceivable that the Tennessee Governor  Robert L. Taylor lifts up Napoleon Hill from Obscurity to reach FDR's White House and both Governor Taylor and FDR appear to have a very heavy link to the Meru Pillar / Manna Machine belief system can be a "Coincidence". FDR and Mongolia search for Meru Pillar = The book that highlights this by William Henry is of course, 333 pages in length. more .

The main leader in this expedition for Napoleon Hill linked FDR was an occultist named Nicholas Roerich. more .

The Roerich Museum in New York is designed to house the 333 Volume Kanjur-Tanjur, the Holy scripture of Tibet - more scroll down 40%. See also more .

The first "Secret" doctrine or ideology to hit the western world came from Madame Blavatavsky and her theosophy society which also made use of the Tantric Yoga sections of the Kanjur-Tanjur - Kanjur sounds identical in english to CONJURE - or to call up spirits.  more scroll down 10% . Napoleon Hill authored his book Grow Rich With Peace of Mind while spirits hovered above him dictating its contents...scroll down 60% more .

Napoleon Hill received his techniques for getting rich from "The Venerable Brotherhood of Ancient India"  more  The previous link also notes that the Xerox photocopy patents were based on 'contacts' like this. XEROX research park in Palo Alto, California is located at 3333 Coyote Hill Road, Palo Alto , California. The number of deities in hinduism is said to be 333 million. more In hindu belief , Mt. Meru is the center of belief and the home of the deities or gods. It is also called Mt. SUMERU ... which has a very strong linguistic link to Sumeria or Sumer, the home of the Annunaki gods according to Zacharia Sitchin. more and Sumeria Annunaki = more . This of course is modern day Iraq, where Skull and Bones member George W. Bush is fighting an endless war for reasons no one can quite explain.


   The second favorite source of information and background for the The SECRET and ABRAHAM channeling phenomenon was the book SETH SPEAKS, by Jane Roberts and published by Prentice Hall. Jane Roberts was a medium, the previous name for what today are known as Channelers. She began her foray into this occult phenomenon with a Ouija Board. more . The book Seth Material published in the USA in 1970 brought the entire concept of channeling and mediums to the masses  of Americans for the first time.

The entity Seth was also a collective and had very interesting ideas on abortion and the truth regarding Jesus Christ for example. Regarding Abortion, it was no big deal because souls did not incarnate into the fetus until shortly before birth and if a woman was contemplating abortion the disincarnate soul would not incarnate into the fetus at all. Abortion was made legal in the USA in 1973 or approximately 3 years after the arrival and best seller status of Seth Speaks. more.   Regarding Jesus, Seth states that Jesus did not die on the cross and in fact was 3 separate people. 1. Jesus was Jesus himself. 2. Jesus was St. John The Baptist and the 3rd "Jesus" was the apostle St. Paul. scroll down 75% more .

This happens to coincide of course with the belief that the Catholic Church burnt the Knight Templars at the stake because it believed that they worshipped an idol named Baphomet and engaged in the Johannite Heresy which held that St.John the Baptist was the real messiah and that Jesus was an impostor. more . The idea that St. Paul essentially invented modern day Christianity is of course best known as one of the bases for the book The Da Vinci Code. more The Seth Material (library binding) by Jane Roberts is 333 pages in length. more .

The Seth Reader by Richard Roberts is also 333 pages in length. more .

The publisher of Seth Speaks was Prentice Hall. Prentice Hall is owned by Brit based Pearson PLC. Thus the Seth phenomenon which forms the basis for the current Abraham The Secret channeling issue ,like Rock and Roll and other odd ideas, came from England in the same time frame, the 60s and the 70s. more

Pearson PLC , the long term owner of Prentice Hall has longstanding ties to the British military, royal family and the oil industry in the robber baron days, particularly in Mexico. more . It owns a large portion of the illuminati linked Lazard Bank house as noted on the answers link and has for many years. The current leader of Pearson PLC has a background in both Lazard and the Rothschild  empire. more and once headed the British Council known as the propaganda wing of the foreign office. He has also given speeches to the Council on Foreign Relations and attended the 1995 Bilderberg meeting according to the previous link. THIS IS THE BACKGROUND OF THE PUBLISHING HOUSE THAT BROUGHT "SETH" AND THE CHANNELING PSYOPS TO THE USA.


   The Secret is no secret. It is the same material from the illuminati in a new package: Freemasonry. 333 Numerology. Hindu dieties or spirits. New truths with no corroboration. Get Rich. Get Rich now. Do not worry that Carnegie, the masonic midget destroyed the life of countless people in a ruthless bid for wealth and power. His Secret was to exploit and if necessary kill fellow human beings at any cost and to use the occult to gain advantage. The Secret is a collective of the souls of unknown nature that is now taking the country by Storm. CAVEAT EMPTOR - Buyer beware. What you may be selling is your soul.