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(Originally posted on Scoreboard May 30th, 2007)

Extracted from the book NEW WORLD ORDER CORRUPTION IN CANADA, by the late Professor Robert O'Driscoll (1994)now out-of-print

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(from Nato and the Warsaw Pact Are One) 

The two were seated at either end of the long dining room table:  Alexander Fraser House, Arthur, Ontario, 2 a.m., 22 February 1990. ‘Pick up that poem, Clare, and read the first three lines of Section 5,‘ and I growled like a lion in a manse.  Without hesitation Patrick John Clare of Damascus Ontario picked up Nato and the Warsaw Pact Are One and read in a deadpan middle-of-the-night-voice:

 Deep Throat said: ’So, the family That controls the Soviet Union Controls the United States.’

      ‘That my dear Clare, was in l976.  It is now 1990. I now know the name of that family, or rather of the five families operating as one – five Masonic families, black rather than blue.  I know their street address, their telephone numbers – listed and unlisted.  I know where their youngest daughter is in University.  So you will realize, Clare, that the family is a fairly young family.  But every time I reach out to touch them they become like paper mache.’

      ‘I have come to conclude, Clare, that behind that family there is a black pot end that it is located on a site where the native Indians went down and the richest blood of all was spilled, the blood of the Iroquois, the blood of the Algonquian.’  ‘Remember, Clare, that there is a direct correlation between the shedding of human blood and the acquisition of Satanic energy.  Not that the red Indians were much interested in that.  But the  white men were, and the white men still are, particularly those white men who have laboured so ingeniously to spill so much blood in the twentieth century, some 16,000,000 quarts – give or take one or two.  Why?  You know why!  To set up a World State, or course, with one or two white families perched on the peak of the pyramid.’

      ‘I need a woman, Clare, to tackle that BLACK POT that sustains that FAMILY, a courageous woman with beautiful tainted soul, a woman who is as irregular as the lightning, a woman, who will never acknowledge defeat….The beauty of a woman,’

           I began slowly, is like a white

            Frail bird, like a white sea-bird alone

            At daybreak after stormy night

            Between two furrows upon the ploughed land:

            How many centuries spent

            The sedentary soul

            In toils of  measurement

            Beyond hearing or seeing,

            Or Archimedes’ guess,

            To raise into being

            That  loveliness? 

            A  strange, unserviceable thing,

            A fragile, exquisite, pale shell,

            That the vast troubled waters bring

            To the loud sands before day has broken.

            Amid the dark before day had broken.

            What death?  What discipline?

            What bonds no man could unbind,

            Being imagined within

            The labyrinth of the mind,

            What pursuing or fleeing,

            What wounds, what bloody press,

            Dragged into being

            This loveliness? 

      ‘Do you, have a piece of string,’ Patrick asked.

      ‘String?  String?  String?  String?’  And I raced through the house looking for string.  ‘No string!’

      ‘Then I will have to use the tell-a-phone!’  He lifted the receiver of the shiny new telephone with its long black curling umbilical cord, balanced it on his forefinger, steady until the cord was steady.  ‘Ready? Ask your questions.’

      ‘Am I generally right about this family, and that the nationality of the family is Canadian?’

      The phone began to swing.

      Is there a woman in this part of the country who can understand what I’m getting at and who doesn’t lack the heart to tackle that black pot?  The phone began to swing.

      The questions continued – ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.  Clare returned the receiver to its cradle, fingered in his vest pocket, took out a small slip of paper containing the seven numbers of an unlisted phone, dialed 848-2160.  A woman answered. 



      In ‘Periscope of the Canadian Illuminati’ Texe Marrs (formerly of the United States Air Force and the University of Texas) reveals that in 1984 nine influential leaders of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati met and, renewing their ancient vows, dedicated themselves to their goal of a New World Order to encompass the entire globe.  ‘The nine individuals, ‘ Mr Marrs writes, ‘who believe themselves to be a sacred nobility and the forbearers of a new type of man, also gave their Order a new name.  In French that name is L’Ordre International Chevaleresque, Tradition Solaire, which translates in English as the International Order of Chivalry, Solar Tradition.’

      At the 1984 meeting were two Canadians.  One is said to have been Maurice Strong, who-as soon as ‘THE SOCIALIST’  Bob Rae came to power in Ontario in the early nineties was given control of the largest electrical conglomerate in North America, Ontario Hydro.

      Already, in 1984, Strong and his wife and his former partners in the American Water Development controlled, as William F. Jasper of the United States, writes, ‘water worth, by some estimates, as much as $600  billion’ – yes, 600 billion dollars, more than the whole national debt of Canada.

What is water but the generated soul?

      Texe Marrs states that the 1984 meeting of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati took place in France, but startling evidence that has fallen into our hands at the last stages in the preparation of this book suggests that the meeting took place at the premiere bi-lingual city of North America: none other than our own Ottawa, and this has been confirmed by the most distinguished authority on the subject, Monsieur Gaetan De La Forge in his brilliant and inspired book The Templar Tradition in the Age of Aquarius: A core group of the Orders…has reconstituted and consolidated itself into a new Order which was formally established in 1984…. The Executive Council of the new Order decided that in line with the historic destiny of the Order of the Temple, the headquarters of the Order should be located somewhere on the North American continent.  The reason for this decision is simple.  North America has become the source of most of the new impulses which determine the way life evolves on this planet.  It is therefore fitting that the modern Knight Templar of the old continent should play his part in the Age of Aquarius by adding his inspiration to that which his counterparts in the New World will bring the planet.

     Because of the historical and cultural links of the Order of the Knights Templar with France, the cradle of the Order, it is natural that the OCITS should establish its first North American foothold in Canada, a country whose bilingual culture makes it admirably suited for linking the old world with the new.  Work is currently afoot which will enable the English-speaking peoples of Canada and the United States to contribute the energy and pragmatism which  characterize them, and to add these to the Latin qualities which have marked the Templar tradition, so that in the new world of many cultures the two will work as one.  The new environment will provide the vitality and vigour the Order of the Temple will need to fulfill its primordial destiny.

    The Americans had known that Ottawa was the physical swing-point of Canada even before Canada was constituted as a nation.  During the War of 1812 between the United States and Canada, when the Americans felt that their ‘manifest destiny’ was to annex Canada, their strategic military intention was to take over the Rideau Canal from which they could block the St. Lawrence.  They failed.

      Few knew, however, that Ottawa was the psychic as well as the physical capital of Canada – except perhaps the Knights Templar.  ‘In certain esoteric circles,’ La Forge writes, ‘there have been hints that there are places on our planet where the vibratory conditions are such that the seeker may more easily contact the spiritual realities symbolized by the Grail.  Nowadays the veils which have been held over certain teachings are being lifted’.

      The Knights Templar had been aware of the ‘vibratory’ significance of Ottawa and Canada (where the True North is located) for a long time – since at least Friday the thirteenth of October thirteen hundred and seven – yes, 1307. 

      Let us look back to the foundation and dissolution of the Knights Templar.

      The Knights Templar was founded in 1118 A.D. under the name of the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, 19 years after the capture of the Holy City during the First Christian Crusade.  It was a shadowy order of warrior-monks who played a very crucial role in the Christian Crusades, fighting and dying by the thousands.  These monks, dressed in white capes with splayed red crosses, were the storm troopers in the siege of the Holy Land.  They fought to reclaim the sepulchre of Jesus Christ and the Holy Land from the Muslims.

      The Templars had made pledges to obedience, poverty, and chastity and their sole allegiance was to the Pope.  They were thus totally independent of the rule of any king, prince, or prelate.  Admission to the Order required that the new recruit sign over all possessions.  The Templar’s holdings proliferated as the sons of noble families throughout Europe flocked to the Order.  As well, wealthy Crusade supporters donated vast amounts of money, goods, and land.  While the Order welcomed all the donations as gifts with open arms, it disposed of nothing.  The Order’s constitution disallowed any form of divestiture even for the noble causes such as to ransom a leader.

      It was the Templars who established the institution of modern banking, and this industrious order became the bankers for every throne in Europe by lending large sums to destitute monarchs.  They came to own their own seaports, shipyards, and fleet.

      As well as amassing great wealth, the Templars became a powerful organization with strong international influences, acting often as mediators between nobles and monarchs throughout the Western world and the Holy Land.  But their wealth, influence, and independence were to be short-lived.

      By 1306 the Crusades were over and the Holy Land had fallen almost entirely under Muslim control.  The Templars had lost their raison d’etre and King Philip IV of France was determined to rid his country of the Order.  They had a military force much stronger than his; they were arrogant and unruly; they were firmly established throughout his country; and, perhaps above all, he owed them a lot of money.  With the Pope’s support, King Philip compiled a list of charges which were in part derived from information provided by the king’s spies who had infiltrated the Order.  Armed with sufficient accusations to deliver his blow, the king issued secret orders to his agents throughout the country, stipulating a simultaneous arrest of all the Templars in France at dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307.  Furthermore, all of their estates and goods were to be confiscated for the Crown.  Even though a number of knights escaped the dragnet, the arrest was largely successful.  But Philip failed in his main objective:  to acquire the Templar’s immense wealth.  The Templar’s treasure had mysteriously disappeared.

      According to rumour, the Order had received advance warning of the planned arrest and they arranged to have the treasure smuggled by night from Parisian estates and transported by wagons to the coast and finally to the Templar’s naval base at LaRochelle.  There, the fortune was loaded onto 18 galleys and shipped off to sea – never to be heard from again….

      The treasure might have ended up buried on Oak Island (Nova Scotia, Canada).  But this is only one of the many versions of the story connecting the Knights Templar to the treasure hunt.

      Although the Pope officially dissolved the Knights Templar in 1312 under pressure by the King, the Order wasn’t completely wiped out.  A number of knights remained at large – either by acquittal or through escape – and the Order went underground.

      Philip’s attempts to persuade his fellow European monarchs to help eliminate the Order were unsuccessful.  While some Templars were arrested in England, most received only light sentences such as a few years of penance in an abbey or monastery.

      Many knights found refuge in Scotland which was at war with England at the time.  According to legend, the Order maintained itself as a coherent body in Scotland for another 400 years.  In the Lorraine section of Germany, the Order was supported by the duke of the principality, while in Portugal, the Order simply modified its name to ‘Kings of Christ’ and continued on well into the 1500’s.

      Although the connection between Oak Island and the Templars may seem tenuous, folks…point out that Henry Sinclair of Scotland (who, they believe, was a Templar) visited Nova Scotia in 1398, a date established by the American historian and author, Frederick Pohl.  They figure that Sinclair arrived to either conceal or recover the treasure of the Templars.  After several months of exploration, he built a refuge castle at New Ross, about 17 miles from Oak Island, in the watershed area of the Gold River.  And he proceeded to plant the oaks on Oak Island to serve as a beacon for future refugees in search of his castle.  Since it would be the only island bearing oak trees, all the refugee had to do was to find it and then follow Gold River which emptied into the bay only two miles to the north.  As for the Money Pit, it was to serve as a temporary repository for the treasure that was to be transported to the island refuge.  Alternatively, the Money Pit was deemed to be a vault to hold the gold that was panned from Gold River, destined for European markets.

      Others speculate that the Oak Island oaks were planted hundreds of years before Sinclair’s visit, and that the castle had been built at that same time.  According to this version of the tale, Sinclair knew of the whereabouts of the oak-treed island and the river that ran down from a refuge castle.  When he arrived, he found the castle in ruins but proceeded to build a new one on its foundation.

      ‘The idea that there was a castle at New Ross is not without some support.  In 1979 I received a letter from a lady in New Ross who said that she and her husband had bought a house in that village in 1972 that stands on a castle mound ( the ruins of a castle).’  She was unable to find anyone to authenticate her discovery.  The lady and her husband have since moved away and this fragment of history has yet to be pursued.

      After offering their speculations on the Knights Templar and Henry Sinclair and his castle, the investigations brought up the subject of the modern-day Masons.  They astutely noted that several high-ranking Masons of the 20th century have been associated with Oak Island, which brought to mind names like Frederick Blair, Gilbert Hedden, George W. Grimm Jr. (Hedden’s New Jersey lawyer), Mel Chappell, and Reginald V. Harris – all members of the Masonic Lodge.  Did they have a secret connection with the medieval Knights Templar and its vast treasure?  The authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail assert that some Masonic lodges have added the level of ‘Templar” to rituals and appellations said to have been passed down from the original Order of the Knights Templar.  They also note that at least three contemporary organizations call themselves Templars.  In a letter to George W. Grimm Jr. dated 5 November 1963, Reginald V. Harris makes mention of a Templar Order.  Harris writes: ‘ I got away for a few days to the Knights Templar Assembly at Montreal, in August….’

      The Investigators feel that the Cross of Oak Island my have a religious meaning connected with secrets held by the Masons, and that if there is a treasure on Oak Island, it is likely to contain religious material of untold significance for future generations.

      Indeed, the Templars are believed to have been the custodians of some great treasure as well as holders of a momentous secret from the Christian tradition.  Indeed, we know that Templar-inspired secret societies endure to the present day.

      The authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail attempt to unravel the great secret that has been protected by the Templars.  Rather than being the cup or platter used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper and by Joseph or Arimathea to collect drops of Jesus’ blood at the crucifixion, they believe that the Holy Grail is a lineage, pedigree, or bloodline of people.  Jesus Christ was part of that bloodline, either from birth or through marriage.  He fathered children thus making the bloodline ‘holy’.  His wife Mary Magdalene and offspring fled the Holy Land, found a refuge in southern France, and preserved their lineage in a Jewish community.  Rather than being a physical object, the Holy Grail is a symbol of Jesus’ bloodline and his wife’s womb from which the bloodline came forth.

      By 1100 Jesus’ descendants had risen to a state of great prominence in Europe and also in Palestine.  They knew their pedigree and ancestry but it became necessary for them to prove their bloodline to Jesus.  And that proof lay buried beneath the Temple of Solomon.  The Knights Templar’s original mission was to find it.

      A mid-12th-century pilgrim to the Holy Land, Johann von Wuzburg, reportedly saw stables beneath the Temple large enough to accommodate 2,000 horses.  As it turned out, the Knights Templar quartered their horses in these stables.  It is theorized that these stables were built following a huge excavation by the Templars, in which they found what they were looking for and brought it back to Europe for concealment.  About what was concealed, the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail write, ‘It may have been Jesus’ mummified body.  It may have been the equivalent, so to speak, of-Jesus’ marriage licence, and/or the birth certificates of his children.  It may have been something of comparable explosive import.  Any or all of these items might have been referred to as the Holy Grail.’ What happened to the Templar;s find remains a mystery….the Cross must be connected with a religious organization….who else but a Templar or a Masonic order would construct a Christian cross?....Collectively, the disappearance of the Templar treasure in 1307, Masons digging on Oak Island, Henry Sinclair’s visit to Nova Scotia, and the presence of stones laid in a crucifix pattern provide what the investigators say is circumstantial evidence that Oak Island hides a religious treasure of enormous value’ (William S. Crooker, Oak Island Gold, Halifax: Nimbus, 1993). 


      It is further suggested from the evidence I referred to above that the 1984 meeting of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati took place on the third anniversary of the meeting in Switzerland that had been called to ‘reconstitute and consolidate the manifestation of the Order of the Temple in modern times’:

          There is general agreement in esoteric circles that the first impulse for the resurgence to the Order of the Temple was given in 1952, when a group of genuine representatives of the Order of the Temple held a commemorative meeting on June 12, in the Castle of Arginy, the place where Hugues de Payns and his comrades first took their vows in 1118.  It can be slated further that the actual resurgence of the Order of the Temple took place on 21 March 1981.  On that date a small group of men representing certain affiliations of the Order of the Knights Templar met together somewhere in the Swiss countryside at an old manor once owned by the Order of the Knights of Malta.  They comprised nine senior members of their Orders who had been initiated in the esoteric oral tradition of the Temple, and an inner council of seven brothers, each a member of the highest and most secret level, and whose origin and identity must remain hidden.  They were told that they had been brought together in order to pool their knowledge and spiritual abilities to reconstitute and consolidate the manifestation of the Order of the Temple in modern times.

          The third anniversary! Yes, the twenty-first of March nineteen hundred and eight four.  Orwell seems to have hit the nail on the head.  For the last days of March were the last days of power not of Pompeii but of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and the host of the meeting of the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati in Ottawa seems to have been none other than the Prime Minister of Great Britain’s ‘first Dominion’, C A N A D A: Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

          Second Attendant: My heart is broken, yet must understand.  What do they seek for?  Why must they descend?

          First Attendant: For desecration and the lover’s night….

          Second Attendant:  What do they lack? O cry it out again.

          First Attendant: Their desecration and the lover’s night.

          Last days! TRUEDOUGH! Ultimate   DESECRATION! That is what it was:  THE ULTIMATE DESECRATION, for the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati who met in Ottawa on the Spring Equinox of that Wednesday night in 1984 arrogantly believed they were none other that the reconstituted Order of the Knights Templar.

          Who are the Knights Templar and who are the ‘reconstituted’ Knights? 

                                    THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR 

      When we speak of the Knights Templar we are speaking of a spiritual group of initiates who go back to Melchisedek.  The Melchisedek is derived from the Hebrew Melki Tzaddig, King or Ruler of Righteousness.   According to the Bible, Melchisededk was born without father or mother and symbolized the eternal spirit of the Father dimension of the Christian Trinity.  The Order of Melchisedek does not exist on a material level, and one of the principles of the Knights Templar is that any person ‘who has reached the level of spiritual advancement where he can make conscious contact with the roots of our spiritual tradition is de facto a member of the Order of Melchisedek.  Any priest who by his spiritual capacity is able to function as a channel for the spiritual energies of the Christ, is a priest after the Order of Melchisedek’ (1).

      Life to the Knights Templar is seen as a journey.  The road may be hard and the journey long, but through certain spiritual disciplines – the Templars believed – Truth with a capital T can be discovered or rather revealed.  First, though, mankind has to embrace two fundamental ideas: ‘that each human being is endowed with a spark of the Celestial spirit, a fragment of the Godhead…and second, that things are not as they seem.’  We do indeed see ‘as through a glass, darkly.’ We see what we see because we are what we are.

      The nature of the Truth that mankind perceives is not through the ratiocinative processes but through a moment of illumination when a correspondence is struck between an outer object and an inner feeling (a feeling moving toward an object to attach the feeling to, an object unknown), between what we are groping for internally – the eternal verities of the spirit – and what stands there, suddenly unmasked, in the external world, something that seems to satisfy some inner craving or necessity of our nature.  ‘He was a drifting, silent man,’ Yeats says of his friend John Millington Synge,’  and loved wild islands, because there set out in the light  of day, he saw what lay hidden in himself.’ Or, as Patrick Tilley puts it in his Foreward to Gaetan De La Forge’s Templar Tradition:

    The need to give meaning to existence is not, as some earthly philosophers insist, simply  the biochemical reflex action of a brain that has evolved through its ability to analyze and assign a value to the patters of light and shade falling on the retina  It stems from some memory buried deep within us.  A belief that once, in a former state of grace, we knew the answers; were fully aware of our role in the scheme of things and the relationship between the physical world and the spiritual realms beyond.

      There is a kind of throb of resonance within, a reverberation – as Joseph Campbell puts it – ‘like the answer of a musical string to another equally tuned’, an arc connection an archetype in the collective unconsciousness to the sensible world.  Indeed, in The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard maintains that when an image or perception is presented to the perception, it is as if     ‘reverberation’ resounds in the heavens:  the image has no immediate historical past, but contains the revelation of a world which mere rational consciousness is incapable of perceiving.  The image is addressed not to the brain to be interpreted and appreciated but directly to the feeling system which is capable of grasping it before thought is actively engaged.  Art, Bachelard concludes,  ‘ rather than being a phenomenology of the mind, is a phenomenology of the soul.’  Or as the French philosopher, Pierre-Jean Jouve, expresses it: ‘Poetry is a soul inaugurating a form.’  All art, therefore, all the true perception of like begin in a ‘bodiless mood’, become then – as thought gives feeling a form – a ‘surging thought’, and last ‘a thing’, a manifested feeling – a chair, a building, a poem, etc.

      This is what the Templars understood: the correspondence between inner and outer by which one learned to read the landscape of one’s soul, finding in the observation or experience of the external world the means by which one gently or timidly ‘resurrects’ or brings into conscious view what is buried in the womb of the subconscious and the unconscious.

      The Knights Templar, therefore, sought a more deeply buried sensitivity than the type of clarity gleaned on the battlefield: ‘Why should we praise men who died on the battlefield,’ a modern initiate posits, ‘a man may display as reckless a courage by descending into the abyss of himself.’ The Knights Templar concentrated on the soul which they believed was capable of uniting the manifested life of the universe and of achieving a kind of alchemical marriage between our material and spiritual selves.

      The universe, they believed, is conditioned by laws of sound and colour as well as number, weight, and measure, and if certain human beings have managed to realize their oneness with all things while remaining simultaneously aware of the diversity of life ‘it is not too difficult to conceive of the great source of life and consciousness as manifesting itself with different qualities, at different levels of energies and life impulses’.

      This is the part of the Grail quest of the Knights Templar, the idea of descent into the depths of one’s being where one comes to recognize both the impure as well as the nobler aspects of oneself-the idea of transformation, of dissolving all that is putrescible in one’s body and bringing together or ‘coagulating’ the aspects of the divine.

      The idea of Christ is central to the Grail concept of the Templars, not necessarily of the historical crucified Christ but of the victory over matter that Christ achieves in his life and on the cross, or resurrection and Christ’s spiritualization of matter, so that it can prove to be a true instrument of soul. ‘I am convinced,’ a modern initiate writes, that spiritual development ‘lies not in dependence upon a Christ outside you but upon the Christ in your own breast, in the power of your own divine will and divine imagination, and not in some external will or imagination however divine.  We certainly do teach this dependence only on the inner divinity, but this is Christianity’ (2).

      The Grail is the purified spiritual chalice that exists in potential within the human organism and emerges as a possibility of being fulfilled once man has passed the animal stages of development, beyond fear, beyond falling prey to an object of desire, or the normal duties of the social order.  Man has, Joseph Campbell posits, two births: one is biological as a physical creature; the second, more properly human birth, is spiritual – of the heart.  As man develops spiritually, he learns to disengage from the fury of the passions, achieves fearlessness in the face of death, and learns compassion and indifference to the opinion of the world (Robert O’Driscoll ed., The Celtic Consciousness, Toronto: Dolmen and McClelland, 1981).

      ‘There is no need,’ Gaeton DeLaForge writes, ‘to catalogue the problems which we face in today’s world.  The writer agrees with esotericists and others who declare that our planet has entered the end of a cycle.  It might even be added that we are living a spectacular moment in the history of our planet.  We are now exactly at the cut-off-point where we can either allow the forces of devolution to carry us downwards or at least freeze us in the grip of materialism for untold ages, or else make the necessary efforts which could carry us as a specimen to undreamt-of-spiritual realizations and achievements.

      ‘A brief look around us will show that both these impulses are at work.  There are forces which are working towards the destruction of the environment in exchange for temporary material gain; these degrade the noble aspects of the human being.  At other levels, this degradation of human beings is being stimulated physically through the eating of denatured food, and mentally by the flooding of people’s minds with low quality entertainment.  This includes certain video and television material which reduces people’s desire to think and affects them negatively by the insidious introduction of the darker side of the spirit into their subconscious.  Certain types of video cassettes and popular music which incite and cater to satanic tastes are already in worldwide circulation and are available to young and old alike.

      Not enough attention is given to the problem of mental pollution and its effect on the subtle levels of our environment.  Anyone who has doubts about the polluted state of our mental environment only has to look any evening at the summary of the day’s new on television.  The ‘worshippers  of Mammon’ who are stimulating this descent into darkness through greed for wealth and power, strangely enough do not seem to be concerned about the cesspool they are creating for themselves and their children.

      But all is not lost.  Positive forces are also at work.  At his particular moment in the planet’s evolution these positive forces are no longer confined to the successors of the esoteric movements….For any spiritual progress to be retained and built upon, it has to be prepared and sustained by efforts to work on one’s shortcomings and to live the Christ life….It is difficult to describe the joy that comes with the understanding that a hurdle has been jumped, a barrier broken through, and that one has reached a new and lighter space, looking at the world through new eyes as if for the first time.  For each one of us the experience is intensely personal and yet so very real.

      The writer is sincerely convinced that if a sufficient number of people answer the call of the Temple and endeavour to lead a life dedicated to respect for man and life in all its forms, the current they will generate will bring about the required links with the evolutionary impulses now at work within the planet.  Perhaps this can stave off global disaster, or at least ensure that there will be enough survivors to carry the species toward the evolutionary blueprint intended for mankind.  We would again stress that our generation has the tremendous privilege of living at a time of singular opportunity.

      ‘It must be stressed here that the Temple does not reject the material world or matter as such.  On the contrary, it considers man’s real task to be that of spiritualizing matter.  Man was conceived to be the link between spirit and matter.  The Temple is ideal for Western people, who need to fulfill their destiny not by turning their backs on the material or by decrying the spiritual, but in combining the two so that eventually the perfection of the archetypal world is manifested in the world of matter.  When this happens, that much-quoted maxim of Hermes Trismegistus – “as above, so below,” will be realized.’ 

      It is clear that the reconstituted Knights Templar who in 1984 met in Ottawa and, as Texe Marrs reveals, renewed their ancient vows, dedicating themselves to their goal of a New World Order to encompass the entire globe, are about as different from the original Knights Templar as chalk is from cheese.  Whereas the quest of the Knights Templar was the most noble quest possible for man – the quest for his spiritual centre – the quest of the ‘reconstituted’ Knights for the establishment of an order to rule the world is the most ignoble quest man could ever embark on.  The rituals originally devised for spiritual edifications are reversed, are turned to personal aggrandizement, material power, and control of the destinies of others.  As Sir Samuel Ferguson, authority on ancient Celtic black magic (desiul), puts it: ‘They turned the maledictive stones.’ 

            ‘Crom Cruanch and his sub-gods twelve,’

            Said Cormac,   ‘are but carven treene;

            The axe that made them, haft or helve,

            Had worthier of our worship been.


            ‘But He who made the tree to grow,

            And hid in earth the iron-stone 

            And made the man with mind to know 

            The axe’s use, is God alone….’ 

            They loosed their curse against the king;

            They cursed him in his flesh and bones;

            And daily in their mystic ring

            They turn’d the maledictive stones….

                              (Sir Samuel Ferguson, The Burial of King Cormac) 

      Magic rituals, man has learned through history, produce a different effect when the order is reversed:  many Satanic ceremonies contain, at some point or other, the Our Father said backwards.  ‘A true Templar’ too, De La Forge writes, ‘lives and acts in the knowledge that in reality he owns nothing, in the sense that all the material and spiritual goods with which he might be blessed are only lent to him by Providence’.

      With the spiritual authority of the ‘vibratory’ material substance that sustains the True North, the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati, those dedicated to create a new world order which they and only they would control, moved boldly.  The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was formally founded in July 1984 (Trudeau’s final legislative achievement), with its parent body – the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) – having been put into place before, so secret that neither Allan Lawrence, the Solicitor General, nor Allan McKinnon, the Minister of Defence, both members of the Clark government of 1979-80, knew of the agency that is ‘the most important and potentially the most intrusive of Canada’s intelligence agencies’ (J.L. Granatstein and David Stafford, Spy Wars: Espionage and Canada from Gouzenko to Glasnost (Toronto:  Key Porter Books, 1990, p.20).  It was not until 1984 that Lawrence learned about CSE when he questioned his officials about the source for some information he received in his weekly intelligence report.

      Within ten years, the National Security Agency (NSA) and CSE would be ONE and would jointly send the ‘voiceprint’ satellite into space, the purpose of which is to identify every living voice in North America, i.e. to give to every voice a name (on which one or the other of the organizations have a file_).  As a preliminary to? As a preliminary to the ‘resistants’ to the new world order being rounded up to populate the ‘concentration’ camps that are now documented to be dotted all over Canada and the United States (for details, see Serge Monast’s four volume United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America, Masonville, Quebec, 1994).

      Incidentally, it is on this day, the day on which I am writing (8 June 1994), that I learned that the two organizations – NSA and CSE – are ONE: one trade block, one nation, one intelligence operation, ONE UNIT.  In the eyes of the SUPER-RICH ELITE therefore, the United States and Canada not only should be ONE but are ONE.

      Between 1984 and 1994 (maybe Orwell gave the wrong date – deliberately – to mislead the nwo plotters).  Canada became the centre of the whole new world order operation, one huge research laboratory.   Canada, the new world order argument ran, will be the test market of the world.  Vancouver was gradually made to resemble a never land in the setting Lemurian sun while, according to one prognosis, Toronto become the ‘ centre’ of a vast Satanic conspiracy, the eye  of a tornado where the forces of evil contend with the forces of good for domination of the planet during the next 1,000 years.

      All of the horrific new world order mechanisms to dehumanize man were prepared with  a hatred as fierce and ingenious as only man is capable of conceiving for man.  Then in 1992, the Secret Brotherhood of the Illuminati made an even bolder step.  At a War/Peace Conference in South America, It was agreed that the new world order take over one country totally.  The choice of country hung in the balance until key new world order resistant in the United States, Bo Gritz – you know, ‘the most decorated military man in Vietnam’ – decided to go along with the Templar Plan if (I have been told by someone ‘ on the inside’) he were assured the Presidency of the United States after the Clinton/Gore clock runs down in ’96.

      The country chosen was Canada.  It was to be the staging ground for the new world order Plan, even though the controlling mechanism for the whole operation was in the United States: Rae’s casinos, to be erected on the border in Windsor, were to provide the points of contact and exchange.  If we can get away with this operation in Canada, the new world order argument ran, we can get away with it anywhere.

      In September ’93, when it was clear that his candidate could not possible lose, Desmarais (finally) made his move, joining the Trilateral Commission as a leading – if not the  top – member.  On October 25 Brian Mulroney ensured that Desmarais’s protégé, John Chretien, took control of a majority Liberal Government.  It was further agreed that the Royal Bank of Canada would be the official bank of  the new world order – The Federal Reserve of the World, and in Quebec a secret society called L’Ordre du Temple Solaire (a slight variation of the name of the reconstituted Templars) ‘ penetrated’ Quebec Hydro with a 150 billion dollar ‘scam’ and simply took it over: just about all of the vast reserves of Canadian electrical power were now in new world order hands.

      ‘Canada, ‘ ec (an old contact of ee in Naval Intelligence) writes on 11 November 1993.’ was taken over just over a year ago in a New World Order ploy which was obvious to but a few.  In effect, it was a test of Free Will, and the ability to think.  Sadly the Canadian public failed miserably as indeed we have lost a sense of Free Will; mind; and soul forever to the forces of the Anti-Christ.’ And then, even more despairingly on 14 May 1994; ‘ This Country may be headed towards a Civil War which concerns me very much.  It is not necessarily the Quebec question, but rather what the intentions of British Columbia are going to be.  We as a Country are heading for a show-down of immense proportions as we travel down the road of growing darkness….What we are witnessing is the seeds within the Heart of Darkness surfacing and murder is in the air as the masses need a sacrifice to vent the frustrations of unemployment, hopelessness, and despair.’

      ‘ In a sense,’ Dr. John Coleman of British Intelligence writes, ‘Canada is like Switzerland, pristine snow-covered landscapes, big cities, a place of great beauty, but underneath lies a deep layer of filth and dirt.’ Under the new world order Secret Government structure of Canada the Canada we have known suddenly disappears, the Canada that has been so gentle, so lackadaisical, so generous in war and peace with its volunteers and its health care plans-its compassion for the aged and the young – suddenly becomes, as Tennyson would have it, ‘red in tooth and claw.’ The Atlantic fishery is deliberately destroyed to soften up the once-proud Maritimer to succumb to the ultimate temptation while Ontario is dismantled and Paul Teale basks in the pub. (father and son); money, cut back from education and health, is allocated to jails and law enforcement, and that unit with which 90% of Canadians have grown up – THE FAMILY, imperfect but still a FAMILY – is torn apart before their uncomprehending eyes.

      Meantime the lifelines of this ‘surplus humanity’ are being cut.  As we write, we see a corner of the Toronto Star of June 7 sticking out beneath some papers.  The lower left-hand headline reads ‘Legal Aid set to Slash Services over Deficit’.  The first two paragraphs read:

     Legal aid funding for divorces and most civil cases in Ontario could be wiped out as early  as next month in an effort to ‘slash and burn’ the Ontario Legal Aid Plan $65 million deficit.

     As part of the cost-saving effort, the Law Society of Upper Canada will also consider scrapping plans for a $1.5 million women’s legal clinic, a pet project of Attorney-General Marion Boyd.

      Then a couple of days later we remember seeing the headline ‘GST to be applied to Food’.  And today (17 June 1994) ‘500,000 risk losing UI benefits in new plan’:  ‘Let’s say the range being looked at is between $2 billion up to $6 billion,’ that is in addition to the $5.5 billion cut announced by Finance Minister Paul Martin in the spring.   We know who Is taking the bite in these cuts.

      And yesterday, we had somebody in to mow the lawn.  Before the day was through he told us this story, a heart-rending story about the way new world order organizations are destroying the institution of the family as well as every other institution: counselors at school and Children’s Aid Societies are creating dissension in the child’s mind by drilling into them a new principle: that children ‘have the right to CHARGE and CONVICT their parents of any crime they feel their parents are guilty of, even to the point of “divorcing” them in courts of law.’ 

      What happens to the people who are becoming rapidly redundant in our country, the cool fishermen in the Maritimes, the sweating workers in Ontario who have been replaced by machines, the ‘useless eaters’ everywhere – in the jails, on the streets, in the ghettos? Believe it or not, they are being ‘collected by waste disposal companies’.   For what? For many purposes!

      For experiments!  Drug experiments to see how humanity will act in certain circumstances!  Have their mind wiped clean; their free will obliterated; so that the subject will be obedient: a pure slave!

      And for those who still retain that power, that divine residue which no human invention can ever really threaten? MAKE THEM SEEM PSYCHOPATHS, CRIMINALS, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, and/or get them to the RED CROSS for a little transfusion, a little tainted blood containing cancer cells and/or HIV (AIDS) virus – it is going on a massive scale!

      And if we can’t, we’ll use them! Their body parts – eyes, hearts, lungs, genital organs, not to mention kidneys, ears, etc. – to buttress up the bodies of our selected ELITE.

      Or else?  We’ll spread them out on Saturday nights – this one next Saturday night, that one the following Saturday night – oh I can’t communicate to you what fun we have on Saturday nights, our regular Saturday night Satanic crucifixion!  And we smile while our guests clamour for one small bite from her still-beating heart!

      If all else fails, then plainly as hotdogs, hamburgers, and assorted meats!  For the regenerative power of human flesh, lost since ancient Africa, has recently been RE-discovered.  By whom?  The new world order of course!

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