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Morgellon's Disease: Mysterious Ecto-Parasites

Transcript of a Four Part Series on CBS 47 Jacksonville News
Original article and video interview may be found HERE

A mysterious skin disease is currently spreading across America, and doctors are searching for answers on how to stop the epidemic....more

Nightmare Morgellons 'Disease' - From Chemtrails...Or Space?

The World Overview Countries reporting Morgellons Disease...more

Organ Damage Raises H5N1 Concerns in Canada

Four of 11 geese died Monday. A post-mortem examination of the bird was inconclusive, said Clark, who noted a number of diseases could have caused the organ damage seen....more

Canada finds bird flu, unclear what virus strain
(Reuters June 17, 06))

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada has detected a case of H5 avian flu in the eastern province of Prince Edward Island and plans further testing over the weekend to determine the strain and virulence, government officials announced on Friday....more

 County Commissioner Paid-Off To Put Fluoride In Water?
( June 4,2006)

In a report received from Tom Nocera we see three Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) forms telling an interesting tale...more

CDC to investigate mystery disease
(SeattlePI June 4,2006)

The Bay Area might be home to a small cluster of a horrifying and as-yet-incurable disease that leaves patients with open sores all over their bodies and strange, unidentifiable objects poking out of their skin....more

Chemical soup in Canadian children
(GlobeandMail June 2, 2006))

Ottawa A national research project has found children contaminated by a cocktail of toxic chemicals ranging from PCBs to flame retardants....more

Bird Flu Explodes in Indonesia
( June 1st, 2006)

"WHO assumes that the incubation time for bird flu in humans is 7 to 10 days, longer than that of regular flu, she said....more

Flawed WHO Surveillance Of H5N1
Human GTransmission

By Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD 5-25-6

"WHO assumes that the incubation time for bird flu in humans is 7 to 10 days, longer than that of regular flu, she said....more

 Report Says School Bus Exhaust Harms Kids
(Peoplesnews 5-25-6)

WASHINGTON - Most states aren't doing enough to protect children from the diesel exhaust many of them inhale while riding or waiting for school buses, an environmental advocacy group said in a report Wednesday....more

 Hunt is on in Alaska for deadly bird flu virus
(Reuters 5-25-6)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska, May 25 (Reuters) - From the recently thawed tidal flats that edge Anchorage to the tundra of western Alaska, the hunt for deadly avian influenza virus is on....more

Bucharest Quarantines 13,000 In Bird Flu Scare
(Bucharest Daily May 25, 2006)

 Suspicion of bird flu epidemic in Bucharest prompted President Traian Basescu to get involved in managing the crisis. Meanwhile, the number of the confirmed outbreaks reached 25....more

WHO Tracing Contacts
Of H5N1 Indonesia Death Family
(Rense May 25, 2006)

Red Blood Cells Indentified In Chemtrail Fallout
(May 14th, 2006)

Biological components have now been identified in the two ground samples previously analyzed on Numerous red blood cells, white blood cells, and unidentified cell types have been found within the sub-micron fiber sample previously presented and submitted on Jan 20 2000 to Carol M. Browner, Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. To date, Ms. Browner has refused to identify the sample delivered to her by certified mail, and to disclose those results to the American public....more

Is Morgellons Disease Caused
By Chemtrail Spraying?
May 14, 2006

The outbreak in south Texas which made big news recently has thus far provided no answers as to the source of the disease. There is a wall which exists in the science community, which is as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest for scientists thinking "outside the box." Scientists are inherently bound by peer review and the very culture that awards them their doctorates, to stay away from so-called "fringe sciences." This very mindset makes solving the source of this disease nearly impossible...more

LifeCell's stem cell transplant center in Chennai to be operational in July '06
(Pharmabiz) MaY 14, 2006

India's first exclusive stem cell transplant centre in Chennai, a joint venture of LifeCell and Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute (SRMC & RI), will be operational from July 2006, informed the LifeCell sources. The company plans to open a similar centre in Mumbai by 2007. The state-of-the-art facility spread across an area of 15,000 sq ft, will be utilized for the treatment of hematology, oncology and would be soon extended for the treatment of spinal cord injury, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), stroke, etc....more

US Judge rejects warning label on tuna cans
(Chicago Tribune) May 14, 06

A state Superior Court judge has ruled that seafood producers don't have to warn consumers of the mercury in canned tuna under Proposition 65, which requires companies to warn of products containing hazardous ingredients....more

Rising deadly infections puzzle experts
(May 12, NBC)

The cause of increasing rare but deadly bacterial infections, including a handful of cases in women who have taken the controversial RU-486 abortion pill, is still unclear and needs further study, U.S. health experts said on Thursday....more

Mystery Illness Hits Over 55,000 Brits 
(May 9 Timesonline)

THREE quarters of ME sufferers have lost their jobs because of their illness, costing the nation 6.4 billion a year, according to new research.

About 55,000 people in Britain are so severely affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis, once dismissed by many doctors as psychological, that they are bed-bound or house-bound. ...more

 'Zoo' Of New Viruses Lurking In Europe
(May 8

A VERITABLE zoo of nasty new viruses is circulating in Europe and could be killing people without even being suspected. In a study commissioned by the British government on the risk of insect-borne and other arthropod-borne viruses emerging in the UK, Ernie Gould of the University of Oxford warns that these diseases may be going unrecognised simply because no one is looking for them....more

Breakthrough In Parkinson's Research
(May 8 BBC News)

Parkinson's disease may trigger symptoms by crippling the key energy-producing "boiler room" of brain cells, research suggests....more
Elderly To Be Experimented On With Squalene & Mercury
Mental illness writers had industry ties: study
The Cancer Business
Demonstrating for Germ Warfare
Study: Health Insurers Are Near-Monopolies
Top Experts Expose Bogus 'Aspartame Is Safe' Study
Depleted Uranium a tool to depopulate the world
Lung Cancer Epidemic From DU Has Begun In U.S.

Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill

Fluoride debate may surge as treated water linked to cancer
New Fed Aspartame 'Study' Is Cockamamie Claptrap
Ritalin Can Cause Strokes, Heart Attacks In Kids

Terminator Seed Rejected In UN Meeting In Brazil!

Ottawa sews seeds of trouble with UN
Bird Flu Now In Poland, Suspected In Uganda
Top Scientists Blast WHO For Hiding H5N1 Sequences
H5N1 Spreads, Learns, Becomes More Dangerous
CWD/Mad Deer Disease Continues Spread In Canada
WHO - H5N1 Changes May Promote Spread In Birds
H5N1 Confirmed In Austrian Poultry
Canadian College Bans Wi-Fi Over Health Concerns
McDonald's Lies Again - Fries NOT Gluten-Free!
Fluoridated CA Cities, Towns Have 'Huge' Cavity Rates 
Aspartame is a carcinogen, FDA scientist told Congress decades ago
UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells
US Milk Distribution Controlled By Industry Giants
Genetic Risk From Bird Flu?
Dr. Katz Misleads ABC And Nation About Aspartame Study
H5N1 Suspected In Denmark And Northern Poland
H5 Confirmed In Hungary
H5N1 In Germany Since Autumn?
H5N1 Spread In Baltic Sea Region?

By-passing the lie machine
For the 5% - or so - capable of independent thought, evidence-based analysis and conclusion....more

(Up-dated information

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Eliminating Bird Flu Fears
10 Facts You Need to Know)
NO Evidence Tamiflu Works Against Bird Flu
It is time to save our children & future generations Poisoning of Mankind:  Blood Types & Copper Deficiency ...more
List of 18 Senate Traitors Pushing for Forced Vaccinations ('Bioshield 2'-S. Bill 1873)
FDA Rule Would Create Pharmaceutical Dictatorship
Testing Drugs on India's Poor
Diabetes in the US: a social epidemic
Terminator technology refers to plants that have been genetically modified to render sterile seeds at harvest





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