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Dov Zakheim '911' Link To North American Union's KC SmartPort  
(Scoreboard Canada contributor  July 16, 2006)

Many people around the world and increasingly in the United States are beginning to realize that the attacks of 9-11 were in fact an inside job.
 Investigators into this phenomenon seem to believe that arch neo-con Dov Zakheim may have been the intellectual author of the attacks due to 
his statement that a new Pearl Harbor was needed to bring about the desired goals of the shadow government. The investigation into the players
behind the plot to destroy the United States of America, Canada and Mexico by forming a geopolitcal frankenstein creation called the North
American Union has uncovered unexpectedly that there is a significant link to Dov Zakheim , very high ranking CIA officials, their wives and the
corporate interests at play in this debacle. This article will attempt to delineate them in a connect-the-dots-fashion. The links are obvious. What
 they may mean is of course, up to the reader.
 The Evidence:
1. President George H.W. Bush called for the start of a New World Order on 9-11-90 at 9:09 p.m. ...more
2. Dov Zakheim and alleged involvement in the 9-11 attacks ...more . This link shows that he left his position at the Pentagon for the firm of Booz , Allen and Hamilton. The link also shows his membership in the CFR or Council on Foreign Relations. This is the primary group of shadow government operatives behind the North American Union. ...more

3. Booz, Allen and Hamilton is a primary partner in the KC SmartPort project to build a transportation and logistics nexus under the auspices of NAFTA which will include rail and road links from Chinese controlled ports in Mexico , through Kansas City Missouri all the way to Winnipeg , Canada and beyond. Booz and co. are "technology partners" of the Not-So-Smart-For-America port group. ...more

4. The address for the HQ of the KC SmartPort is : 911 Main, suite 2600 / Kansas City , Missouri 64105. Of course, this must be a coincidence that the attacks that ushered in the new era for the USA, the date of the speech by Skull and Bones CIA President Bush #1 AND the address to the KC SmartPort all have to do with the numbers 911. ...more 


5. Former top CIA man and Yale lawyer James Woolsey, also a member of the CFR is also , like Dov Zakheim a director of Booz , Allen, Hamilton. google terms or more. Dov and Booz = google terms or more.
6. Suzanne Woolsey, the spouse of James sits on the board of Fluor Corporation. ...more
7. Dr. Woolsey sits on the board of directors of Fluor right next to Alan Boeckmann who also sits on the Board of Burlington Northern Railway.

8. Burlinton Northern is a major player in the KC SmartPort project. ...more  .
9. James Woolsey, until recently, led the think-tank called Freedom House. ...more. On board  for Freedom House is the wife of Lord of the Death Squads and Skull and Bones member John Negroponte. She worked for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico City "in preparation for the North American Free Trade Agreement"....more

10. Her husband went from running the Death  Squads in Central America to being the US ambassador to Mexico that hammered out the NAFTA agreement which is the central building block for the North American Union. more
11. Diana Villiers is of British 'blue blood' and her father was instrumental in running the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs which is the UK wing of the Council on Foreign Relations. -scroll down 40%- more.
12. Dov Zakheim is a member of the Board of Directors of the One World Government WACA or World Affairs Council of the Americas. scroll to bottom. ...more
13. Coincidentally, the Kansas City , Missouri branch of the WACA is the International Relations Council. more  It is located in the same exact 911 address as the KC SmartPort. scroll to bottom.
14. Down Under in OZ there is "Freight Australia". It consists of "Rail America, Macquarie Bank , Fluor Daniel and Goninan companies. more. Thus, Fluor is a business partner of Macquarie Bank which owns Macquarie infrastructure co. The Cintra-Macquarie joint venture now has taken over the Chicago Skyway and turned it into a profit making toll project.

15. The Cintra-Zachry consortium has been granted the right to be the major toll road operator in Texas for roads that will be necessary for the KC SmartPort initiative to succeed. Zachry Group is a member of the World Affairs Council of San Antonio, which as you must know is a tentacle of the Council on Foreign Relations. more .
16. The leader of Cintra learned his trade building roads for Muammar Qaddafi in Libya while that country launched widespread terror attacks on the United States. (Cintra is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrovial of Spain) ...more
See what Libya was doing in 1981 when Ferrovial/Cintra's boss was working there...more
17. The LoneStar initiative is a Texas tollway for the North American Union creation that is a partnership that includes Fluor ( which as noted has the former CIA chief's wife on the board of directors) and Balfour Beatty more.
18. Balfour Beatty are partners with the Bin Laden family in Dubai. In fact they are the two "key partners" in a business enterprise in Dubai. more.  . scroll to bottom...
19. The link mentions a Mr. Mohammad-Saeed Bin Laden. Jimmy Carter, the spineless puppet president of the United States, received millions from the Bin Laden family. more.
20. This is the same Jimmy Carter that appointed Robert A. Pastor as the point man in the Panama Canal giveaway.
21. This is the same Robert A. Pastor that wrote the blueprint for creating the North American Union. more.
22. Macquarie is a partner in providing high-tech services to the "best bank" in Ayatollah run Iran. FNS , the Australian company providing top notch services to Bank Keshavarzi is a "private company...a minority interest held by Australia's largest investment bank, Macquarie Bank..." more.
23. Bank Keshavarzi is an Iranian Government entity. more.  .
24. The North American SuperCorridor Coalition or NASCO is located at a '901' address, again the numbers 9 and 1.It is affiliated closely with more.  On the Board of Directors is a representative of Lockheed Martin Sygenex,INC. more .
25. The CEO of Lockheed Martin , Robert J. Stevens is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. scroll down 50% more .
26. Fluor and Lockheed Martin do major business in Communist China which controls the ports on both ends of the Panama Canal and the ports that will be used for the KC SmartPort and the Nasco super corridor. more and ...
27. Lockheed Martin fined for illegally providing missile technology to China. more.
The nation's infrastructure is being sold to people with ties to Libya, Iran, the Bin Laden family and China.....All of this under the guise of FREE TRADE.
  *** The KC SmartPort , located in Kansas City, Missouri is near the dead center of both the United States of America AND northern Canada and southern Mexico.
It would make an ideal location for the future capital of the North American Union and an occupation HQ for Chinese military troops arriving in the United States after a surprise nuclear pearl harbor attack that their military is constantly publicly discussing. The troops would arrive through the super corridor being built by "our leaders".
CONCLUSION: The same people that brought you the Panama Canal giveaway are the same people that brought you the 9-11 attacks and now bring you the privatized North American Union. The shells and think tanks and entities' names change but the game is the same . Destroy America to create a New World Order and a One World Government.
The United States of America does not have a government. A government exists to manage a country. The cabal running the nation at present is DISMANTLING and OUTSOURCING THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE GOVERNMENT TO HOSTILE FOREIGN INTERESTS.
We are under the rule of an outsourcing, privatizing anarchocapitalist, synarchist a word, we are controlled by an ANTIGOVERNMENT. The thugs running America are the equivalent of the child molester running the nursery.

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