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Professor Robert O'Driscoll & Elizabeth Elliott
True Canadian Heroes


This section of Scoreboard is dedicated to U of Toronto Prof. Robert O'Driscoll and Elizabeth Elliott for their book titled "New World Order CORRUPTION IN CANADA" published - 1994.  The contents of the book relate to many of the events of a "New World Order" we see today.  Mr. O'Driscoll died under mysterious circumstances surrounding the publication of the book, which was quickly taken out of print.


Important note about this section by Ron Hicks:
The book "New World Order Corruption in Canada" 1994 by U of T Prof. Robert O'Driscoll and Elizabeth Elliott 

During the summer of 2006 I was in Toronto hosting my own internet radio show, when two men came up to me outside the studio and gave me a photo copy of Professor Robert O'Driscoll's book "New World Order Corruption In Canada, originally published in 1994"  It was the last copy they had and they were not going to try and do anything with it anymore.  They said they were to scared to try and get exposure for the book.  I published some of the articles on  Scoreboard Canada of which are available in this section in 2007. 

The same time  things started to happen to me.  My wife and I were in danger and we did not even know it.  There are two sections of my website - contact of a mystic kind that cover this time frame of meeting these two guys who gave me a copy of the book.  I do know those who were connected with my radio show did seem put out that they gave me a copy of the book.  They discouraged me from talking about it on my radio shows and constantly put the book down when I brought up the subject. 

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During the week I meet US Army Colonel G.B. Singh who just happened to be in Toronto and a very good friend of one of my co-hosts on the radio show a lot of scary things happened to me and my wife.  See the part about: Interview with US Army Colonel G.B.. Singh author of the book Gandhi Behind the Mask of Divinity.

The authors came under fire by many Jewish culture groups at the time so I was told, as the "Book was called - New anti-Semitic and this was the main reason they did not want me to talk about it.

If anyone still thinks the political creed of Zionism is about Jewish people then please read on. Zionism is, at its core,a secret society connected to all the others in the global web. It was not established for the benefit of Jewish people, but to exploit them and use them as a cover for the manipulations of the House of Rothschild. Zionism is another word for tyranny. No-one is allowed to question it or expose it without consequences -- including Jews.

The authors knew and understood what the New World Order power structures were at the time of writing.  The evidence, 17 years after the book was published confirms the Zionist movement talked about in their books is a live and well today in their quest for a 'New World Order.'

Below: Excerpts from around the web

At the time the book was published (1994)  Toronto’s biggest conspiracy theorist of all time – U of T Prof. Robert O’Driscoll  authored  The New World Order and Corruption in Canada, New World Order and The Throne of the Antichrist as well as The New World Order in North America: Mechanism in Place for a Police State. He was one of our first whistleblowers and he was assassinated....

O’Driscoll’s books represented a new direction of scholarship – engaging in public debate over what really goes on behind the scenes. He was the first high-profile person in Canada to give voice to David Icke and even Ernst Zundel, who was held as a political prisoner in Canada.

O’Driscoll fell victim to a character assassination after publishing his trilogy of books, which were labelled anti-semitic, as they gave voice to Icke and others who claimed that there was a corrupt elite who sought to bring about a New World Order.

O’Driscoll was also a scholar of Ezra Pound’s works that examined the Federal Reserve Banking system.

The first book of it’s kind in Canada. This book reveals the figures in the political carpet at home, diagnosing the disease that now infects the core of Canadian life; In Parliament, the civil service, the banking system, medical and social services, the Christian churches, the military ‘national security’ intelligence (CSE and CSIS), academia, and the astonishing penetration of central Canada by the Church of Satan. What we have come to realize, German - Canadian Rolf Rentmeister writes, is that somebody or some group has been hard at work to create a different version of Canada from the country our ancestors created and in which their families chose to live. This book reveals the individuals and the groups who have been active in this respect - including Maurice Strong, CSIS, John Polanyi, David Suzuki, Lester Pearson, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Conrad Black, Brian Mulroney, Bob Rae, Mel Hurtig, Paul Desmarais, Pierre Trudeau, and many others. This is, according to the brilliant analysis of Mr. Kealey (based on ‘inside’ information), the first step of a plan devised by George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and the leading industrialists of the United States in 1982, and which was implemented in Canada by Mr. Brian Mulroney. The second step is to get Quebec to separate. The third to integrate the rest of Canada into the U.S. - The fourth to get the natives in Northern Canada to revolt. The fifth to send in the military from Fort Drum with blue berets. And the sixth step? To build the Grand Canal by which the waterways of Canada will be reversed, maintaining the ‘breadbasket’ in the U.S. while Canada turns into a frozen shield. The resolution will not be found by turning the Canadian people against the American people or vice-versa but by incensing both peoples against the invisible rulers of both countries. When he started this book in Oct.1993, Professor O’Driscoll was “under investigation” by the University for having published the first two volumes of the trilogy in 1993. By the time he completed this book in Oct.1994, he had been barred from his office, his files, his books, the library and had even been suspended from the University. 3rd in the “New World Order Exposed” Trilogy.


A reminder to all. Do your own research.  I always recommend people focus on the evidence and facts about today's events that are affecting us.  Things like the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Security, Prosperity Partnership Agreement.

 These issues are what all of us, when we  know the truth, can and will respond to. This is the best approach to exposing the corruption of the N.W.O. in the world and particularly in Canada.

There are a lot of websites of which the rhetoric is designed to take you away from what is really happening in the world.  These provocateur type agents exist in all the aspects of the media including the alternative news in Canada.

Ron Hicks (webmaster)



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About The Book

Both authors died shortly after the book was published under mysteries circumstances and the book was quickly taken out of print


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Ottawa is the psychic capital of Canada in certain esoteric circles. It was chosen because of this as the staging grounds for the "New World Order."

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